Smilegate, Korea’s Leading Game Company, Showcases Innovative Mobile Service Platform, ‘STOVE’

STOVE, an open platform model, takes mobile game developers in every stage from development to operation

LOS ANGELES--()--Smilegate Inc., Korea’s leading game company, today revealed its new mobile service platform, STOVE, which will propel Smilegate and its partners to achieve new growth for the global mobile service market. The company, known for its breakout online hit, CROSSFIRE - the world’s top online FPS game with over six million concurrent players across the globe - will use the introduction of STOVE as a launching point to expand its business model on a global scale.

STOVE is a mobile service platform that provides benefits to both developers and gamers. By enabling developers to focus on creating successful games throughout each phase of development and reducing infrastructure costs for service, the platform provides a solid opportunity for them to more easily achieve their business goals. For gamers, on the other hand, STOVE offers fun that never stops with various convenience features, which allow for a gamer-oriented network without time and space constraints.

“Smilegate has years of experience creating and servicing mobile games successfully, and we are thrilled to share that success with our partners,” said Smilegate Group CEO Hyuk-bin Kwon. “STOVE will not only benefit Smilegate and its partners, but also provide gamers an opportunity to experience fun from an open platform regardless of device, game or location.”

Recipe for Success for Developers – Opportunity and Insight Based on Experience

STOVE’s innovative system, solely designed for business success, allows Smilegate’s partners to focus on what really matters: content development.

Through its step-by-step operation, STOVE supports partners in all stages, from development to operation and business, providing a one-stop solution to handle the complexity of various dimensions of game business.

In the initial development stage, STOVE helps reduce overhead through its Software Development Kit (SDK), which streamlines backend services with integrated tools for membership, billing, refund and compatibility.

Key features of STOVE SDK for the development phase include:

  • All STOVE games on a device can be accessed by a single STOVE account
  • Integrated billing system, which covers major app markets including Google Play, App store, Amazon, etc.
  • Abuse prevention system
  • Wide geographic coverage, which serve multiple regions and countries through a single SDK

During the game service stage, STOVE offers STOVE CONSOLE, which plays a significant role in identifying and increasing gamer traffic and maximizing gamer retention efficiently through a variety of features, from customer management to game operation and marketing promotion.

Key features of STOVE CONSOLE for the service phase include:

  • Web-view page interface
  • Push notification with detailed and customizable targeting
  • Tailored announcement functionality with multiple language support
  • Various in-game promotion elements, including VIP system, gifts and coupons, all of which come with multiple languages support and region support
  • Gamer-oriented customer service

When partner developers run a marketing campaign for further growth, STOVE even provides quick and user-friendly tools for cross-game promotion and performance tracking.

Key features of STOVE CONSOLE for marketing include:

  • Cross-game function, which supports numerous format of in-game promotions
  • Insight tools and dashboard, which report key statistics of game’s performance, including real-time gamer inflow, traffic, retention and duration index, by country, region, loyalty, revisit and many more criteria

More Fun for Gamers - Dynamic Excitement and Experience for Gamers beyond the Individual Game

What’s more, gamers will reap the benefits of STOVE’s support through an advanced cross-game network and user-generated content functionality.

STOVE connects gamers with the ‘Gamer Network’ and a built-in gamer interface tool with which players interact, invite, cooperate or compete with each other in real time. In-game messenger also enables gamers to communicate whether they are in the same game or not. The platform will also help enrich users’ gaming experience by producing and conveniently sharing user-generated content (UGC) with the use of in-game screenshots, video capturing and broadcasting functions.

Moreover, STOVE provides co-marketing and business support to partners.

Today, STOVE will be unveiled at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), officially introducing its global service and website for global partners. STOVE is now currently acquiring partnerships across the globe. All game developers and publishers who are interested in partnering with STOVE are encouraged to register and submit applications at On June 4, STOVE held its global launch business showcase event in Korea.

During the exhibition, the company will also present snapshots of popular online and mobile game titles and interact with numerous stakeholders and potential business partners.

Smilegate’s E3 booth is located in South Hall (Main Exhibit Hall) – on the left side of the Bethesda booth.

About Smilegate

Smilegate is Korea’s leading game company, which develops and services mobile and online games. It has five core business sectors - game development, publishing, platform, investment and social contribution. Established in Korea in 2002, the company is the creator of CROSSFIRE, the world’s top online FPS game with over six million concurrent players across the globe, and many more distinguished titles. For more information regarding Smilegate, please visit


Smilegate’s STOVE is a one-stop platform that provides everything developers and gamers need for mobile game services. STOVE is an innovative system built on the foundation of Smilegate’s years of professional experience and expertise, supporting the shelf life of game titles, enabling partners to operate independently and focusing on content development. For more information, please visit

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Smilegate Inc., Korea’s leading game company, today revealed its new mobile service platform, STOVE.


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