Consumers Abandoning Radio Waves in Favor of Online Audio Streaming

Survey conducted by Mirror Image reveals consumer habits for listening to music and other audio content, exposes major changes in OTT radio listening

Mirror Image Evolution of Radio Survey (Graphic: Business Wire)

TEWKSBURY, Mass.--()--Mirror Image®, the leading provider of edge computing, streaming media and content delivery solutions, today announced the results of its survey, “Radio Evolution: From Waves to Online Streaming,” which found that 43 percent of consumers haven’t listened to their AM/FM radio at home for more than a year. The statistic is among several findings offering insight into today’s audio consumption patterns and implications for audio broadcasters and advertisers.

The evolution of broadcast toward Over-the-Top (OTT) services has traditionally focused on video, but it is impacting both audio content and video content delivery services. With so much attention being paid to video services such as HBO GO and Netflix, Mirror Image conducted a survey to reveal key insights, habits and preferences for audio consumption.

Key findings include:

  • Traditional AM/FM radios are on their way out. Consumers are abandoning traditional radio listenership in their homes and cars in favor of online programming such as Pandora and Spotify, two of the most popular online radio platforms. Further, consumers are listening to audio content across a multitude of devices, from smartphones to tablets to Smart TVs.
  • Listeners are tuning in during the workday. Nearly 80 percent of respondents listen to audio content throughout the workday. As consumers lend more “ear time” than “eye time,” advertisers must be poised to take advantage during this prime time for audio listening. However, advertisers need to ensure that they are effectively targeting their audiences on digital audio channels. According to the survey, 30 percent of respondents indicated that they find online radio advertisements “very annoying,” while 27 percent claim that the ads are never relevant to their interests. When creating campaigns for OTT audio content, advertisers must consider:
    • Device Type: Over which devices do your audiences stream online content?
      • 50 percent on smartphones
      • 36 percent on desktops/ laptops
      • 13 percent on tablets and smart TVs
    • Location: When and where are consumers listening to online audio content?
      • 79 percent during their workday
      • 50 percent in their car
    • Platform: Which service are consumers tuning into?
      • Pandora – 21 percent
      • Spotify – 22 percent
      • AM/FM radio – 24 percent
      • iTunes and iHeart Radio – 16 percent
  • Leverage big data. The survey confirms that consumers are scattered across online radio platforms, so advertisers must know where their audiences are. By leveraging big data and analytics, advertisers can identify how and where target audiences are consuming audio content and tailor advertising campaigns to those platforms.

“Our Radio Evolution survey confirms that broadcast is continuing its rapid evolution toward digital. As audio consumption patterns shift, existing strategies for reaching consumers through traditional broadcast are less relevant, which could cause a decline in engagement and action,” said Charles White, chief revenue officer for Mirror Image. “Broadcasters and advertisers must respond by leveraging the right technologies to ensure they are delivering digital content that is optimized for where and when their audiences are listening.”

Traditional broadcast companies must consider how they are reaching audiences across digital channels – with only 13 percent of people actually willing to pay for online audio programming, ad partners will be key to monetizing broadcast content. The days of a radio dial are over. Failure to ensure that your content is optimized on all digital devices and online radio platforms, regardless of consumer preference, will result in substantial loss in revenue.

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About the Survey

The survey was conducted and managed by Mirror Image through SoGo Survey, a third-party survey platform. More than 100 consumers took this survey in April 2015. No data was manipulated and all results are reflected accurately by Mirror Image.

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Mirror Image today announced the results of its survey, “Radio Evolution: From Waves to Online Streaming".


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