Health Connexions™ and Ascentii™ Announce a Partnership to Offer Ascentii’s Unique RoleFit Survey™, to Empower Employers to Hire the Best People: Faster, Better, and for Less Cost

The RoleFit Survey helps you find the best applicants! (Photo: Business Wire)

BOSTON--()--With the goal of helping organizations increase productivity, by decreasing wasted time spent in the hiring process (or having to re-hire again), Health Connexions™ and Ascentii™ (A Brand of EPIC Software Corporation) have formed a partnership to offer The RoleFit Survey™, the companies announced today.

The RoleFit Survey is a one-of-a-kind, cloud-based system that helps employers find the right candidate for any job opportunity – with lightning speed and pinpoint accuracy. Organizations can attract applicants from all online job boards (e.g., Workopolis, Monster, Indeed, their own website). And, within one minute of a job closing, the RoleFit Survey can create a job-specific, competency-based, screened and rank-ordered list of all applicants.

Using its 54 Factor competency framework, Ascentii has analyzed 1,200+ jobs and created a unique job competency profile for each -- as unique as a person's fingerprint. Applicants complete the RoleFit Survey and their individual competency profiles are then compared to the optimum job competency profile for that specific job. Then a 2-page Comparative Output Report is generated showing the “fit” between the applicant and the specific job for which they are applying. The 2-page Comparative Output Report is then available for the recruiter to quick-view, export, print, upload to an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and/or forward to colleagues and hiring managers. A longer narrative report (typically 34 pages) is also included to support more detailed analysis for short-listed applicants and candidates.

For typically only pennies per applicant, an organization can automate the job applicant screening process and convert it into a real-time strategic decision support tool. Most importantly, the candidates’ answers allow a rank ordering process which compresses the first 50% of the Recruiting Life Cycle (typically from 4 - 10 weeks in healthcare) into less than 1 minute.

“Health Connexions is pleased to form this new partnership and offer The RoleFit Survey,” said Dawn Van Dam, President and CEO of Health Connexions. “We know far too many clients that use valuable time and resources during the hiring process which can be put to better use in their efforts to commercialize new science and technology. By using The RoleFit Survey, they can focus on other important aspects of their businesses. We love disruptive technology – and The RoleFit Survey is exploding onto the market based on its ability to change the way organizations recruit, screen and hire their people. More and more organizations are also using it to assess and redeploy employees within their organization, to achieve even greater workforce productivity and profitability.”

The RoleFit Survey only takes applicants 10-12 minutes to complete, is written at a Grade 5 reading comprehension level, and ranks every applicant on a RoleFit Index score ranging from a high of 10 to a low of zero on their suitability and wellness of fit for successfully completing prioritized, job-specific tasks. Recruiters can then focus on those with the highest RoleFit Index score. This makes it a simple process for a recruiter to selectively pick the top high-potential applicants to interview.

“The RoleFit Survey is based on complex scoring algorithms, human behavior, job-specific tasks, skills, styles, and predictive analysis,” Gary Melling, President & CEO of EPIC Software Corporation explained. “We can reliably predict who has the highest probability of success in any or all of over 1,200 unique jobs.”

The RoleFit Survey makes the hard core science of predictive analytics regarding human behavior, industrial/organizational psychology, and cloud-based delivery an obvious choice for anyone with P&L responsibility. Clients typically achieve a 100% ROI within 6 months and a Cost/Benefit ratio ranging from 1:3 to 1:11.

It is also critical to note that while the standard placement guarantee in the recruiting agency business is typically 3 to 6 months, many RoleFit clients have extended that to 24 months. And, more importantly, these recruiters are consistently performing at better than 96% against that 24-month written placement guarantee.

“The results produced by The RoleFit Survey have attracted many new clients working in mission-critical areas such as IT computer security, nuclear power generating stations, the military and defense contractors, and now, through this new and exciting partnership with Health Connexions, healthcare,” said Gary Melling.

Ascentii includes a seasoned group of HR, Business and IT professionals, with a dedicated Psychologist and research team to ensure the standards of the American Psychological Association (APA) and other similar professional associations are consistently met. The questions on the RoleFit Survey have been reviewed by Employment Lawyers and have been determined to be culture-free, and the process behind the development of the RoleFit Survey is legally defensible. At the present time, the RoleFit Survey is available in twelve markets, with plans for expansion in the near future.

"We reviewed over 50 assessment tools before we selected The RoleFit Survey. By using The RoleFit Survey, we now offer a 24-month placement guarantee and are performing at 97.6% against that guarantee. As a result of using The RoleFit Survey, organizational effectiveness, employee engagement, customer satisfaction and retention, workforce optimization and profitability all show immediate, significant, and sustainable improvement. The ROI for us has been staggering.” -- Wayne Percy, Senior Search Partner, Derhak Ireland Executive Search, Toronto, Canada

The RoleFit Survey can become a critical component of your success as you work towards transforming your science into commercial success. Contact us at Health Connexions to learn more, and go to for more details.

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Ascentii provides public and private sector organizations with solutions that are unparalleled in Recruiting, HR, and Strategic Workforce Optimization. Who else can offer you a job-specific, competency-based solution, delivered over the Internet that screens and rank orders ALL applicants, regardless of how many, in less than 1 minute? Once we understand how a client intends to adapt our RoleFit Survey to their recruiting and staffing activities, we can have a new client running on our standard platform in approximately 15 minutes; the training for new users is as easy as a 20-minute video. Ascentii's expectation is that all new users are productive in less than 1 hour of having access to their new account. We have invested the equivalent of hundreds of years in research, psychological assessment, statistical analysis, employment & privacy law, IT, and software design, development and testing... Why? ... so you don’t have to... we make it easy, fast and cost-effective.


Health Connexions™
Dawn Van Dam, +1 416-402-8274
President & CEO

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The RoleFit tool helps employers hire the right candidate -- by reducing the time and cost of the recruiting life cycle by 50%, to under one minute, and BEFORE a recruiter opens a single resume.


Health Connexions™
Dawn Van Dam, +1 416-402-8274
President & CEO