World Glaucoma Congress to Feature Symposium on XEN Gel Stent for Minimally Invasive IOP Reduction

Panel of Internationally Recognized Glaucoma Experts to Present Latest on AqueSys’ Subconjunctival Outflow Device at 6th WGC in Hong Kong June 7th

ALISO VIEJO, Calif.--()--AqueSys, Inc., the developer of minimally invasive stent technology for the treatment of glaucoma, announced today it will host a XEN Gel Stent Symposium at the 6th Annual World Glaucoma Congress (WGC) on Sunday, June 7, from 7:30-8:30 a.m. HKT. The symposium will be held in room S227 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. It will feature the latest data and practical information on the first minimally invasive glaucoma device designed to achieve similar intraocular pressure (IOP) reduction as traditional subconjunctival trabeculectomy and tube shunt procedures in eyes with primary open angle glaucoma.

An international body of ophthalmologists will discuss the innovation and research supporting the XEN Gel Stent and provide insights on how to incorporate XEN into today’s glaucoma practice. Among highlights of the program, Mr. Keith Barton, M.D., from Moorfields Eye Hospital in London, will share information on the scientific evolution of the XEN Gel Stent from early development to commercialization. Also, Prof. Tarek Shaarawy, M.D., from the University of Geneva, will present the feasibility of using the XEN Gel Stent in narrow and closed angle glaucoma; data on the first cases will be shared.

“The past year has seen tremendous commercial and clinical development in the use of XEN for the control of IOP and the World Glaucoma Congress affords an excellent opportunity to present the latest information, data and techniques to those on the frontline of glaucoma management,” said Ron Bache, CEO of AqueSys, Inc. “The panel hosting the XEN Gel Stent Symposium will offer their first-hand knowledge and expert insights in the use of this advanced device, providing a new point of intervention in the disease progression.”

The symposium will be chaired by the renowned Bob Weinreb, M.D. The agenda is as follows:

  • Overview of XEN Gel Stent: Bob Weinreb, M.D., Shiley Eye Center, San Diego, USA.
  • The Science and Evolution of XEN: Keith Barton, M.D., Moorfields Eye Hospital, UK.
  • XEN in Narrow Angle Glaucoma?: Tarek Shaarawy, M.D., University of Geneva, Switzerland.
  • Incorporating XEN into your Practice: Leon Au, M.D., Manchester Royal Eye Hospital, UK.
  • XEN Safety and Clinical Outcomes: Arsham Sheybani, M.D., Washington University in St. Louis, USA.

About AqueSys, Inc.

AqueSys, Inc. is the first ophthalmic device company to focus exclusively on the treatment of glaucoma by re-envisioning sub-conjunctival outflow with a minimally invasive stent for the reduction of intraocular pressure. Backed by more than a decade of research and recent commercialization in European and Canadian markets, the safety and efficacy of the company’s proprietary technology supports glaucoma surgeons and patients in the management of intraocular pressure to arrest the progression of vision loss associated with glaucoma.

Privately held and headquartered in Southern California, AqueSys is working to change the treatment of glaucoma to benefit patients, physicians and payors around the world through the research, development, manufacturing and commercialization of its minimally invasive glaucoma stents. Additional information about the XEN Gel Stent can be found at

Caution: In the United States, the XEN Gel Stent is an investigational device and is limited by Federal (United States) law to investigational use.


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Release Summary

AqueSys, Inc., manufacturers of the XEN Gel Stent, is hosting a symposium at the World Glaucoma Congress June 7 in Hong Kong to present the benefits of the minimally invasive device in reducing IOP.


Engaged Communication
Lisa Spicer, 818-785-5287