Travelers' Voice Launches Web Video Series Highlighting the Frustrations of Air Travelers Today

Videos demonstrate need for improvements in the air travel experience and compel travelers to join the coalition

WASHINGTON--()--Travelers’ Voice, a national network of flyers and businesses that supports access to safe, efficient and commercially competitive air travel for all Americans, released five new videos today outlining what consumers deserve, and what Travelers’ Voice wants to draw attention to through its principles: value, options, infrastructure, competition and efficiency (V.O.I.C.E.).

“Each one of these videos brings to life common traveler frustrations from ancillary fees, delays and cancellations, high ticket prices and more. The worse American air travel becomes the clearer it is that the major airlines aren’t interested in putting the customer first. The video series is a light-hearted look at our serious air system problems,” said Trey Bohn, Executive Director of Travelers’ Voice.

The videos, explained below, encourage those who care about similar issues to join the coalition by visiting and share with their social networks.


This video portrays a customer being treated poorly at a restaurant, showing that even if everyone’s idea of value is different, people still deserve reliable service – that same principle applies to air travel. The best air travel system is one in which consumers are paying reasonable fares and getting the best possible value from them, including a reliable and comfortable flying experience to and from modern, efficient, and convenient airports. Click here to view the ad.


This video depicts a game where no matter which option the customer picks, they don’t feel like they can win against the airlines; highlighting how in today’s travel experience the airlines are able to limit options. Options are critical for the satisfaction of air travel passengers, and ultimately, the air travel system. They ensure travelers have a variety of choices, routes and destinations; greater contentment for the overall process, and more control over travel planning from start to finish. Click here to view the ad.


This video shows a congested runway with over 15 planes delayed for takeoff due to outdated ATC systems; just one of the many problems that result from inadequate airport infrastructure today. With congestion levels worsening in the U.S., and flight delays and cancellations reaching all-time highs, modernizing aviation technology through programs like NextGen and improving airport infrastructure must be a priority. Innovation on the ground and in the air is critical for making sure passengers arrive at their destinations safely, comfortably, and on time. Click here to view the ad.


This video portrays the effect a lack of competition has had on the air travel industry today, with higher fares and poorer customer service. In 2011, there were 11 major airlines; today only four carriers control 83 percent of the seat capacity in the U.S. A lack of competition means that consumers pay higher airfares, are bound to see never-ending increases in additional fees, and restricted flights, routes and service. Increasing competition will lower prices and improve the customer experience. Click here to view the ad.


This video displays how frustrating and inefficient the flying experience can be. It shows a couple reminiscing about the ordeal they had when flying. Passengers expect to arrive at their destinations safely and on time. Limited options for air service, weather and runway delays, and long lines at security and other airport choke points are problems that require proper investments in air travel infrastructure to solve. We can limit the strain on passengers and airlines by giving more local control to our nation’s airports. Click here to view the ad.

Travelers’ Voice is a united network of flyers and businesses that supports access to safe, efficient and commercially competitive air travel for all Americans. Follow us on Twitter at @TravelersFuture.


Travelers’ Voice
Amanda Bobbitt, 202-617-3080


Travelers’ Voice
Amanda Bobbitt, 202-617-3080