OKI Launches Compact, Low-Cost Automatic Wet Scrubber for Metal Masks

- New design requires 25% less space and targets small metal masks for SMT -

TOKYO--()--OKI Communication Systems, an OKI group company responsible for OKI’s EMS business, will launch the ACT100Lite, a new automatic wet scrubber for metal masks used in solder printing as part of the process of surface-mounting electronic components to printed circuit boards, at the end of June 2015. The new product, specialized only in surface mount technology (SMT), can reduce its costs and space requirements by limiting metal masks’ size to small. OKI Communication Systems will seek to deliver 50 new units a year to factories that have yet to adopt wet scrubbers or are considering replacing or expanding their wet scrubbers.

In SMT, chip mounters mount the components to printed circuit boards after solder paste printers execute solder printings. The assemblies are then heated in reflow ovens to melt the solder, securing the components to the printed circuit boards. The solder printing stage involves metal masks with patterns specific to the printed circuit boards being produced. Since these metal masks can clog after a certain number of print cycles, they must be scrubbed to maintain print quality and to permit storage after printing and subsequent use.

Specializing in wet scrubbers for large and high-definition screen printing pastes that require high-performance scrubbing, OKI Communication Systems has produced and sold wet scrubbers for metal masks and screen printing pastes since 2004. Focusing on the keen demand for small metal masks for SMT, the company recently developed the ACT100Lite, an automatic wet scrubber that requires less space and helps minimize its costs.

“The latest product incorporates a small-area scrubbing method backed by proprietary patents to offer compact design and enable high-performance scrubbing while retaining the characteristics and features of existing equipment,” said Mr. Nobumi Goto, President of OKI Communication Systems. “Scrubbing and drying occur inside the scrubber, eliminating contact with solvent and exposure to airborne cleaning solution for operator safety. The simple configuration minimizes maintenance costs and the need to replace consumables. We expect manufacturers to use our automatic wet scrubber in factories that make devices like smartphones, tablets, and other products or applications that require high quality and involve the high-density mounting of very small components. Moving forward, we, backed by our track record for high-quality scrubbing technologies, intend to make continuous efforts to produce automatic wet scrubbers that contribute to the manufacturing industries.”

OKI Communication Systems will exhibit this product at JPCA Show 2015, booth No. 4F-21, at the Tokyo International Exhibition Center (Tokyo Big Sight) from June 3 to 5, 2015.

Overview of ACT100Lite

Equipment size: 800W x 1150D x 1350H
Weight: ~250 Kgs
Mask Size: 650mm x 550mm, 600mm x 550mm
Cleaning Area: 430mm x 350mm
Tank capacity: 40 liters
Price: Open

ACT100Lite Specifications

1. Powerful cleaning capabilities
Effectively scrubs metal masks for 0402 chips.

2. Operator-safe, environmentally friendly
Eliminates operator contact with cleaning solutions; odor-free scrubbing without hazardous solvents.

3. Minimizes damage to metal masks
Eliminates flaking of metal masks; does not damage combination metal masks.

4. Compact dimensions for versatility
Requires 20% less floor surface and 25% less interior space for greater flexibility in deployment.

5. Lower operating costs
Cuts operating costs by reducing solvent use.
Straightforward configuration simplifies maintenance and parts replacement.

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Press contact:
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Press contact:
Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd.
Mayuko Noto, +81-3-3501-3835
Public Relations Division