StackStorm Introduces Event-Driven Infrastructure Automation for Microsoft Azure

StackStorm extends support for users beyond Linux / FreeBSD Servers, provides ability to directly manage and orchestrate Windows infrastructure

PALO ALTO, Calif.--()--StackStorm, a provider of open source event-driven automation software, today announced the availability of StackStorm software as a certified solution on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. Additionally, StackStorm announced that it is now offering StackStorm users the ability to wire operations automation into Windows Server and Microsoft Azure services, including Azure Virtual Machines and Azure Blob storage.

StackStorm’s support for these Microsoft products allows users to automate their infrastructure using event-driven automation, an approach to tying together and automating entire environments used to run some of the world’s largest environments including Facebook and Google.

With these integrations, users are now able to directly manage and orchestrate their Windows Server infrastructure and their Azure services using StackStorm. With StackStorm’s direct support now available, those operators can re-use all of their existing Windows PowerShell-based tooling and automation scripts. This means users can immediately start receiving the value and benefits of StackStorm event driven automation without incurring additional overhead. Because many new automation tools don't embrace the re-use of existing tools and scripts, this forces development teams to incur huge costs in terms of time, resources, porting scripts and existing infrastructure to new tools.

Announced today:

  • Integration with Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) via the Windows integration pack that allows users to query Windows machines using WMI Query Language (WQL) for various information and metrics such as uptime, currently running processes, memory usage and more.
  • Availability of Windows runners that allow users to execute arbitrary PowerShell commands and scripts on Windows Server.
  • Integration with Azure Virtual Machines service via an Azure compute driver that allows users to control this service (exposing actions including Create, Reboot, Start, Stop and Destroy virtual machines).
  • Integration with Azure Blob storage that allows a user to establish and manage blob storage including creating containers, listing container objects, uploading and deleting files.
  • Availability on the Azure Marketplace, for easy trial of StackStorm and production use.

This combination of tools and expertise provides a complete solution for users to manage automation of their existing Microsoft infrastructure with an alternate set of options previously unavailable or very difficult to integrate without significant bootstrapping effort.

“StackStorm is eager to support the rapidly evolving community of users who seek to use event driven automation to deliver continuous integration, continuous deployment, auto remediation and more, across the entire spectrum of Windows Server, Linux, and Free BSD infrastructure as well as across sundry cloud providers,” said Evan Powell, co-founder and CEO, StackStorm. “Additionally, we are excited to see Microsoft adding support for containers in the Docker ecosystem and are committed to supporting their new products such as Nano Server in StackStorm.”

“Microsoft is an avid supporter of the startup community and is particularly excited about the recent surge of engagement from the open source DevOps community to embrace Microsoft Azure,” said Venkat Gattamneni, group product marketing manager, Microsoft Azure. “The innovation that we see coming from StackStorm to help advance integration and automation across services and tools helps extend the reach of Microsoft Azure.”

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