Northwest Surgeon Reports Excellent Results with New Breast Cancer Targeting Device

Three-Dimensional Marker Helps Target Tumor Site and Can Improve Cosmetic Results of Treatment

BELLINGHAM, Wash.--()--Presenting new research at the annual meeting of the nation’s leading organization for breast surgeons, local breast cancer surgeon Cary Kaufman, M.D. reported excellent results with a new device that improves treatment of breast cancer patients.

Kaufman’s research shows that a three-dimensional, bioabsorbable surgical marker called BioZorbTM may improve overall breast cancer treatment after breast cancer surgery. The marker is implanted by a surgeon into the breast at the time of tumor removal, to provide a target for post-surgical radiation treatment and to more clearly define the tumor site. In addition, it replaces missing tissue volume that is removed with lumpectomy, to help maintain the normal breast appearance.

“This marker helps the surgeon communicate to the radiation oncologist exactly where the cancer was before it was removed,” Dr. Kaufman said. “The research so far shows that the marker accurately targets radiation therapy and contributes to better cosmetic outcomes of breast cancer treatment.”

Breast cancer can be treated by mastectomy (breast removal) or by lumpectomy. The bioabsorbable marker is used with the latter procedure, in which a small amount of tissue containing the tumor is removed. After a lumpectomy, it is usually important to add radiation treatment to “clean up” any microscopic cancer cells that might remain at the cancer site.

BioZorb is a small coil that holds six small marker clips arranged in a precise three-dimensional array. This 3D array remains in a stable position after surgery, allowing the breast tissue to fill in the lumpectomy space, while the coil holding the clips is dissolved slowly by the body over time.

Dr. Kaufman is Medical Director of the Bellingham Regional Breast Center. He is immediate past chairman of the National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers.

The study results on nearly two dozen patients were reported at the 16th Annual Meeting of the American Society of Breast Surgeons (ASBrS), held Apr. 29 – May 3 in Orlando, Fla.


  • Video of Dr. Kaufman discussing the study results at ASBrS
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Release Summary

Seattle-area breast cancer surgeon Cary Kaufman, M.D. reported excellent results with a new device that improves treatment of breast cancer patients at the ASBrS 2015 annual meeting.


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