A2Zlogix Image and Video Bandwidth Reduction Technologies Combine Real-Time Capabilities, Enhanced Profitability, and Superior Customer Experience

A2Zlogix Addresses the Critical Need for Bandwidth and Spectrum for Service & Content Providers Driven by Increase in Consumer Demand for Video

EDISON, N.J.--()--Following a series of successful meetings at the recent NAB Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, A2Zlogix, Inc. today released a discussion of the key features that distinguish its next-generation ImageIQ® Video Bandwidth Reduction (VBR) and ImageIQ® Image Bandwidth Reduction (IBR) video optimization solutions.

A2Zlogix’s VBR and IBR technologies, part of the company’s comprehensive solutions portfolio, have been designed to address the two biggest issues facing the Communications, Media, and Entertainment (CME) industry today — the need for bandwidth and spectrum fueled by a massive increase in consumer demand for video, and the need for a high-quality end-user experience.

Will Gaddy, A2Zlogix’s Chief Technology Officer, stated that, “We are continuing A2Zlogix’s tradition of bringing to market capabilities that exceed current industry requirements and anticipate future demands. In a field that’s becoming crowded with video optimization technologies (and claims about their effectiveness), our technology, having been launched with a major Tier One operator, has categorically proven that it significantly reduces bandwidth — in real time — with no loss in visual quality.

“But it's not enough to have working, proven technology. A2Zlogix’s solutions are industry-ready, integrate easily into existing production environments, scale seamlessly, support high availability, and generate both immediate and ongoing ROI. These capabilities empower content and service providers to optimize and future proof their operations, enhance profitability, and deliver a superior end-user experience.”

Mr. Gaddy concluded by saying, “When you evaluate everything that’s available on today’s market, A2Zlogix’s VBR and IBR platforms are the only video optimization technologies that bring together the entire range of features that content and service providers need in order to meet their operational, business, and end-user demands. We have an extensive international patent portfolio with over 35 issued patents. And the effectiveness of A2Zlogix’s solutions is unparalleled.”

Key Technical Features

  • Highly effective and fully compatible with broadcast, over-the-top, video on demand, and wireless multicast workflows
  • Prior to encoding, VBR pre-filters input video pixel by pixel to remove compression artifacts, noise, and other common unnecessary entities that consume bandwidth
  • Prior to encoding, IBR intelligently reduces encoded file size by removing redundant color data, and then restores it on the end-user device
  • Installs on COTS servers certified to meet the minimum performance and redundancy requirements for real-time video environments
  • Integrates with existing third-party workflows, is codec agnostic, provides enhancements for MPEG2, MPEG4, AVS, VP8, VP9, and is future proof for recent and future codecs such as HEVC and VP10
  • Adds virtually no latency to live/linear workflows (less than 150 ms)
  • Has undergone thousands of hours of rigorous testing in production environments

Economic Benefits

  • Reduces OpEx through bandwidth savings and enables CapEx avoidance by deferring the need for bandwidth upgrades
  • Enables new revenue sources by increasing bandwidth availability (e.g., more managed video content services, more channels, 4K delivery, premium audio channels, etc.)
  • IBR generates fixed bandwidth savings of up to 30%; VBR produces significant double-digit savings according to media type, with 25% to 35% being typical
  • Note: Service provider-specific bandwidth savings and estimated ROI can be determined through an independently developed calculator available from A2Zlogix

Commenting on A2Zlogix’s image and video processing capabilities, Iain Gillott, President of iGR, stated that, “The way A2Zlogix treats video and images is imperceptible to the naked eye. When I first saw a demonstration, I viewed a native video and a treated video and was asked to pick which was which — and I got it wrong. You can’t see the difference! That’s important because the other solutions out there use a variety of destructive methods. Some mobile operators are even dropping frames to keep the bandwidth down, so of course from a consumer point of view that’s extremely noticeable. In the demonstrations we’ve seen of A2Zlogix’s solution, that’s not the case — the difference is imperceptible.”

To learn more about A2Zlogix’s technologies and solutions, please visit www.A2Zlogix.com.

About A2Zlogix, Inc.

A2Zlogix, Inc. is an industry leader in developing solutions that address the creation, delivery, and monetization of content across the CME industry sectors. A2Zlogix, Inc. is a B2B company whose suite of strategic technology solutions addresses the industry’s need for bandwidth and wireless spectrum, and the effective monetization of advertising content across an increasing array of mobile devices including the Internet of Things. A2Zlogix’s solutions integrate effortlessly into existing legacy infrastructures and provide instant ROI, enabling service providers to deliver higher quality digital media services and user experience. The company’s technology solutions portfolio includes ImageIQ® Image Bandwidth Reduction (IBR), ImageIQ® Video Bandwidth Reduction (VBR), and Advertisement Sync Gateway (ASG).

A2Zlogix, Inc. is headquartered in Edison, NJ, and can be reached at +1 (732) 476-6812 or www.a2zlogix.com.

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A2Zlogix, Inc.
Sandra Bullock
Director of Marketing
+1 (732) 476-6808

Release Summary

A2Zlogix’s ImageIQ® Video Bandwidth Reduction (VBR) and Image Bandwidth Reduction (IBR) video optimization solutions significantly reduce bandwidth needs, in real time, with no loss in visual quality.


A2Zlogix, Inc.
Sandra Bullock
Director of Marketing
+1 (732) 476-6808