Rotary Club of Santa Clara Members Step Up and Raise $6,000 for Nepal Earthquake Victims

Club’s Newest Member Affiliated with Global Nepali Professional Network Discusses Nepal Relationship

SANTA CLARA, Calif.--()--Last Thursday, in a record-setting pass the hat production, our members pledged more than $4,000 to purchase shelter boxes, which the Rotary Club of Santa Clara ( will match with a $2,000 grant for a total of $6,000 raised to provide Shelter Boxes ( to Nepal earthquake victims.

"Since the 7.8 magnitude earthquake that rocked Nepal on Saturday, April 25th, our Rotary connections in the country have been assisting Shelter Box with essential information and logistics," said Steve Rainbolt, president, Rotary Club of Santa Clara.

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In addition, the club’s newest member, Suresh Ojah originally from Nepal, has family and friends still living in Nepal. He is affiliated with the Global Nepali Professional Network (GNPN), and is the project leader in the U.S. of the Radio Mala (Radop Garland) project.

Suresh discussed his personal relationship view and reason to participate in providing funds for Nepal earthquake victims, and the urgent need for shelter and improving communications systems.

For years, Suresh and his team have anticipated this earthquake and pre-deployed ham radio equipment for use should commercial communications systems go down. The repeater this team deployed is the only one in the nation and has been operational since the earthquake. Sadly, another repeater they had hoped to pre-deploy has been held in customs for nearly one and a half months.

Suresh is working with the U.S. State Department, Nepalese Government and others to remove the equipment from customs. As of today the equipment sits there still!

For more information about GNPN, and how you can help advance disaster communication in Nepal, and donate, please visit their website at

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Padovani Public Relations for Rotary Club of Santa Clara
Marguerite Padovani, 408-799-0455


Padovani Public Relations for Rotary Club of Santa Clara
Marguerite Padovani, 408-799-0455