ISCON Imaging Aligns Focus on Employee Safety, Loss Prevention

Retail Asset Protection Conference 2015

WOBURN, Mass.--()--ISCON Imaging Inc., a manufacturer of patented infrared (IR) imaging screening systems, is driving new levels of operational and workplace safety, and loss prevention in warehouses, healthcare facilities and retail distribution sites through the delivery of its new SecureScan™ and FocusScan™ scanning solutions. Both systems provide LP managers, safety leaders and operational personnel with cost-effective options to reduce the risk for active shooters while limiting the potential for theft.

ISCON’s patented solutions strengthen the scanning process, increasing throughput, eliminating privacy and radiation concerns, and enhancing safety initiatives. The SecureScan and FocusScan scanning solutions detect both metallic and nonmetallic objects hidden beneath clothing, giving users unprecedented insight into information that can protect physical assets and employees.

“The image clarity of the ISCON screening solutions allow managers, safety officers and LP personnel to speed up the screening process by quickly identifying non-threatening objects, such as personal cell phones or body jewelry, and concentrating on the items of high-risk, such as weapons or stolen inventory,” said Bill Gately, CEO, ISCON Imaging.

ISCON Imaging’s focus on loss prevention and employee safety allows the company to tailor its technology offerings to address issues such as loss prevention, contraband monitoring and workplace safety. Active shooter incidents continue to be a significant problem for a wide variety of organizations. The FBI reported that between 2000 and 2013, there were 160 active shooter incidents, resulting in 468 deaths. The number of events continues to increase each year.

“We want to drive discussions about how to mitigate active shooters, workplace violence and employee theft. These are serious threats facing employers today,” said Gately. “SecureScan and FocusScan are two solutions that can bring honesty into the workplace, as well as a sense of safety for all employees.”

SecureScan conducts whole-body scans that allow retailers or warehouse security personnel to scan the subject’s person and detect stolen inventory or weapons by seeing their likeness on a high-quality touch screen. These images are recorded and available for later auditing with a date and time stamp. FocusScan offers the same screening benefits in a handheld version, a product innovation that is completely new to the market. The patented thermo-conductive IR technology first heats the screening subject, then assesses the cooling patterns of any object that may be hidden underneath an article of clothing to be able to identify it by its light structure. This technology does not use any artificial radiation of any kind, and does not violate the subject’s privacy since long-wave infrared (LWIR) does not pass through clothing.

ISCON will exhibit its SecureScan and FocusScan solutions at this week’s RILA Asset Protection Conference in Orlando, Fla., at booth 106. The company will also exhibit at booth 464 at NRF Protect in Long Beach, Calif., in June. To set up an appointment or to learn more, email

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ISCON Imaging pioneered the developed of safe, high-resolution body scanners that quickly identify concealed items without using radiation or violating personal privacy. ISCON’s patented thermo-conductive technology combines infrared (IR) imaging and heat transfer for high-resolution screening. Its robust product portfolio includes SecureScan complete body scanners and FocusScan mobile scanners. ISCON Imaging solutions help protect personnel, products and infrastructure in a variety of markets across the globe. For more information, visit


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Massachusetts-based ISCON Imaging builds momentum in retail, distribution centers and warehouses with its screening technologies.


For ISCON Imaging
Rhianna Daniels Hile, O: 813-645-1242, M: 603-591-7209