WorldViz Introduces VizMove™: The Industry’s First Out-of-the-Box Virtual Reality Solution for the Enterprise

New end-to-end VR solution featuring Vizard 5.1 provides seamless set of tools for portable virtual reality

SANTA BARBARA, Calif.--()--WorldViz, the company that powers virtual reality (VR), today announced VizMove, the industry’s first out-of-the-box wide-area-walking virtual reality solution that is well suited for a broad range of applications including design visualization, architectural walk-throughs, industrial training and behavioral research. VizMove is a high-performance VR solution for building and intuitively engaging with virtual models. It empowers users to cost-effectively experience complex environments and simulations at real-world scale.

The VizMove solution includes WorldViz’s rapid application development software toolkit Vizard 5.1 designed for developing interactive 3D VR applications. VizMove provides a complete integration with Vizard and WorldViz Precision Position Tracking (PPT) for wide-area motion tracking along with a powerful rendering computer designed for demanding VR applications, and the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset for a cost-effective turnkey high-performance virtual reality system.

“The practical application of WorldViz virtual reality solutions in academic research as well as professional industries like architecture and design visualization prove that the resurgence of virtual reality is about more than gaming,” said Professor Jim Blascovich, Director of the Research Center for Virtual Environments and Behavior at UC Santa Barbara and author of Infinite Reality: The Hidden Blueprint of Our Virtual Lives. “WorldViz technologies have enabled important new research approaches for me over the last decade. Specifically, the Vizard software development toolkit has empowered my team to create ecologically valid immersive virtual reality based experiments, and accelerated the pace of our research.”

Versatile enough to be permanently installed, or kept slim and portable, the VizMove Walking VR system can be set up in spaces from massive gymnasiums to tiny research labs. Integrating the best available VR components into a single solution, VizMove eliminates the need to customize. Its updated software toolkit, Vizard 5.1, directly connects to the rapidly emerging universe of VR hardware and provides a single platform from reality capture to fully immersive deployment, making it easy to create a new breed of VR applications.

“The VizMove Walking VR system and Vizard 5.1 VR Software Toolkit are important steps forward to generate greater awareness of virtual reality in the enterprise,” says Andrew Beall, CEO at WorldViz. “The versatility and mobility of the VizMove Walking VR system and power of Vizard 5.1 delivers unparalleled advances in immersive visualization experiences. We look forward to continuing to push the boundaries of virtual reality.”

Additionally, WorldViz today announced the immediate availability of Vizard 5.1, a rapid application software development toolkit designed specifically for virtual reality application developers. Vizard 5.1 offers Python programming, 64 bit processing for immersive visual simulations and Oculus Rift “Direct Mode” support. Vizard enables designers and developers to create superior VR applications for businesses in the commercial, defense and R&D industries.


The VizMove Walking VR system will be available from WorldViz and authorized WorldViz resellers on May 1, 2015. Pricing is available upon request.

Vizard 5.1 is available for immediate download at

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About WorldViz

WorldViz is the industry leader in turnkey interactive visualization and simulation solutions for the enterprise. More than 1,500 customers, including leading universities and Fortune 500 companies, have used WorldViz to drive business development and product innovation. From imagining new architectures and planning workflows, to studying social behavior and designing new vehicle prototypes, WorldViz empowers today’s leading enterprises to create immersive virtual worlds and experiences. At the core of WorldViz’s all-inclusive approach to building, rendering and deploying virtual reality applications, is Vizard, the go-to solution for virtual reality software developers looking for scalable and flexible solution for creating immersive virtual reality experiences.

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WorldViz, the company that powers virtual reality (VR), today announced VizMove™, the industry’s first out-of-the-box wide-area-walking virtual reality solution.


Racepoint Global for WorldViz
Andy Nguyen, +1 415-694-6736