Blend Therapeutics Presents Preclinical Data for Lead Candidate BTP-114 that Demonstrated Superiority to Cisplatin in Tumor Growth Inhibition

BTP-114 Is a Novel, Personalized Cisplatin Prodrug with IND to be Filed in Q2 2015

Data Presented at AACR Annual Meeting

WATERTOWN, Mass.--()--Blend Therapeutics, Inc., a biopharmaceutical company discovering and developing two distinct classes of targeted anti-cancer medicines to advance the treatment of patients with solid tumor cancers, presented preclinical data today on BTP-114, a novel personalized cisplatin prodrug, with demonstration of improved and sustained tumor growth inhibition in preclinical models as compared to the conventional platinum cytotoxic cancer drug, cisplatin. Results from preclinical studies were presented in a poster entitled “BTP-114: An albumin binding cisplatin prodrug with improved and sustained tumor growth inhibition” at the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) Annual Meeting in Philadelphia, Penn.

BTP-114 is Blend’s lead product candidate for which the company plans to file an Investigational New Drug (IND) application with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in Q2 2015. Once administered, BTP-114 rapidly conjugates to serum albumin in blood with a high degree of specificity, and is preferentially taken up by cancer cells with certain molecular profiles, resulting in enhanced DNA damage and cell death.

“We are excited by the novel mechanism of action of BTP-114 that leverages our growing understanding of disregulated cancer metabolism and the molecular underpinning of cancers, enabling the development of the first personalized platinum marking a major advance in the field of platinum anti-cancer agents,” said Richard Wooster, PhD, President of Research and Development of Blend. “Designed to overcome limitations of conventional platinum therapies which are the largest class of oncology drugs today, BTP-114 has the potential to increase the proportion of patients who respond and their duration of response to platinum-based therapies.”

The data presentation at AACR describes BTP-114’s novel mechanism as a platinum prodrug of cisplatin that covalently attaches to serum albumin in the blood giving a 15-fold increase in exposure and a predicted human plasma half-life of 10 days. The therapeutic dose of platinum was increased by up to 2-fold, resulting in a 15-fold increase in platinum accumulation in multiple xenograft models. BTP-114 was shown to improve efficacy in models of lung and ovarian cancer compared to cisplatin, while reducing key dose limiting toxicities of cisplatin.

BTP-114 was developed by researchers at Blend Therapeutics and builds on the breakthroughs in platinum chemistry pioneered by the company’s scientific co-founder, Professor Stephen J. Lippard of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

About Blend Therapeutics

Blend Therapeutics, Inc., is a biopharmaceutical company discovering and developing two distinct classes of targeted anti-cancer medicines to advance the treatment of patients with solid tumor cancers. Blend’s pipeline includes its lead drug candidate, BTP-114, a novel, personalized cisplatin prodrug derived from the company’s R&D heritage in platinum drugs, as well as BTP-277 and other novel drug conjugates from the company’s proprietary Pentarin™ platform. Blend’s first Pentarin drug candidate, BTP-277, represents the proprietary components of Blend’s miniaturized biologic drug conjugate (mBDC) technology – a novel targeting ligand conjugated to a potent cell-killing agent with a chemical linker – incorporated into nanoparticles to enable the penetration of the conjugates deep in to the tumor tissue where they selectively bind to tumor cells. Blend’s strategy includes developing its own proprietary Pentarins as well as applying the Pentarin platform to enhance the therapeutic capabilities of the targeting protein scaffolds or payloads of pharmaceutical collaborators.

The company was founded by three leaders in the fields of chemistry and nanomedicine from the Brigham and Women’s Hospital (BWH)–Harvard Medical School (HMS), and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT): Dr. Omid Farokhzad of BWH–HMS, and Dr. Robert Langer and Dr. Stephen J. Lippard of MIT. Blend has attracted top-tier investors including Eminent Venture Capital, Flagship Ventures, NanoDimension, and New Enterprise Associates.

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Blend Therapeutics presented preclinical data on BTP-114, a novel personalized cisplatin prodrug, showing improved and sustained tumor growth inhibition compared to cisplatin at AACR.


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