IONU Security’s Latest Products Deliver Attack Proof Data Across the Distributed Enterprise and Business-to-Business Ecosystem

IONU’s Latest Releases Further Extends IONU's Ability to Enable Attack Proof DataTM Across Leading Desktop and Mobile Device Platforms

RSA Conference USA 2015

LONGMONT, Colo.--()--IONU Security Inc. [RSA Conference booth #2812] today announced the latest release of its IONU Mobile and IONU Pro Products. These products deliver capabilities allowing companies to protect critical information that is distributed across the entire business ecosystem and mitigate the consequences of insider and malware initiated attacks.

Attacks Happen

The enterprise is now distributed and the exchange of data that drives it must be protected across multiple company domains, cellular networks, third-party cloud services, operating systems, devices and user workflows. Enterprises of all sizes, across nearly all business segments, are experiencing significant financial losses and reputation damage due to internal, customer and ecosystem-wide data loss. The only way to protect your company against the risks of data leakage across these points of vulnerability is through leveraging Attack Proof DataTM.

With Attack Proof Data, critical information is protected anywhere it resides or travels including locally on devices, when synced across mobile and desktop devices, accessed from network resources, placed on remote storage devices, utilized in cloud services and when shared across the entire business ecosystem. IONU’s patented security measures ensure that even if your data is compromised by a sophisticated malware attack, an insider attack or data is distributed beyond your control through careless action, it will be useless to anyone outside of these measures.

Gordon Lawson, CEO of Warrenton Global Solutions said, “A mindset focused on stopping the attack will never foster a solution that addresses the real issue, which is protecting your data. That is what they are doing at IONU. It’s obvious that all of the attacks aren’t being stopped. Having Attack Proof Data is the best way to allow data to flow freely and securely anywhere it needs to travel or reside.”


The latest release of IONU Pro further extends IONU’s ability to enable Attack Proof Data across today’s Distributed Enterprise. IONU Pro’s support of secure, integrated workflows allow files to be securely shared and managed between employees, business partners and supply chain vendors regardless of company domains, the device types being used or the limitations being imposed by existing accessed-based file-permission strategies. IONU’s Secure Virtual File System (SVFS) preserves user workflows by allowing native applications to be utilized securely without the need for plug-ins. SVFS also ensures that files are always encrypted on local storage, mapped network storage, remote storage and USB drives.

In addition, IONU Pro delivers integrated support for leading third-party cloud file sharing and storage services including Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, ensuring all of this is done completely securely. Users of IONU Pro can send secure email attachments via standard email tools such as Outlook, Thunderbird and Apple Mail and web-based email providers like Google, Yahoo and AOL. Files can also be securely shared using InvisiMessageTM, IONU Pro’s integrated secure messaging platform. IONU’s Cloud SyncTM technology allows files to be automatically synchronized across a user’s devices so that encrypted files can be accessed from anywhere at anytime.

Pro can be downloaded free of charge from :

IONU Mobile

With IONU Mobile you don’t need to worry about the data security holes mobile devices bring to your organization. An increasing number of mobile devices are accessing and storing critical information and taking it beyond the control of traditional corporate defenses. IONU Mobile further extends the ability to protect critical information assets anywhere they reside or travel including locally on the mobile device, when synced to other mobile and desktop devices, accessed from network resources, attached to e-mail, sent using messaging application, placed on remote storage devices, utilized in third-party cloud services and while being shared across an entire business ecosystem.

Kenn Perry, COO and VP of Marketing for IONU said, “Having to depend upon different security measures and authentication methods across desktop and mobile device platforms makes adherence to security measures cumbersome for users. When security is cumbersome people just go around it – defeating the whole purpose. IONU provides a consistent set of security measures distributed across the entire business ecosystem that are virtually transparent to the user regardless of the device.”

IONU Mobile adds a secure file system to mobile devices that allows easy access to both local and remote files. IONU’s Secure Document Editing capabilities allow viewing, editing and sharing Microsoft Office documents with the app. These files can reside locally on the device or be accessed from IONU’s Secure Cloud Storage or leading third-party cloud service providers.

IONU Mobile for iOS is available from the Apple App Store. Download:


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IONU Security, Inc. – With operations in Los Gatos, CA, and Longmont, CO, we are pioneering a fundamental change in the way data is protected. IONU’s Data-centric SecurityTM and Attack Proof DataTM allow data to flow freely and securely – anywhere. This is accomplished while allowing native applications to be utilized without the need for plug-ins, the use of proxies, gateways or changes to user behavior.

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IONU Security, Inc.
Mike Weir, 303-532-4736 “2”
Director of Marketing

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IONU Security’s Latest Products Deliver Attack Proof Data Across the Distributed Enterprise and Business-to-Business Ecosystem.


IONU Security, Inc.
Mike Weir, 303-532-4736 “2”
Director of Marketing