Cloud Raxak Announces First Cloud Based Service to Automate Security Compliance in Private and Public Clouds

Partnership with HP leverages HP’s industry leading Cloud Service Automation solution

HP Cloud Software Automation and Cloud Raxak Protect Integration Screen Shot (Graphic: Business Wire)

LOS GATOS, Calif.--()--Cloud Raxak, a leader in cloud security compliance (CSC), today announced Cloud Raxak Protect™, a cloud based service empowering IT organizations and application development teams to secure and ensure compliance of their compute infrastructures, starting with their environment provisioning process and through the lifecycle, for both public and private clouds.

In a partnership with HP, Cloud Raxak Protect™ leverages HP’s industry leading Cloud Service Automation (CSA) solution, which provides open, extensible enterprise-grade hybrid cloud service management for businesses. Cloud Raxak Protect™ speeds time to market, reduces cost and simplifies audit activities across any combination of hybrid IT services.

Given security compliance is up to 40% of the cost of managing virtual applications in the cloud, automating these processes with Cloud Raxak Protect™ makes compliance as easy as spinning up a server in the cloud, accelerates deployment by integrating security compliance into the development test and steady state operational processes, reduces costs, and simplifies the audit process.

“This product integration with Cloud Raxak automates security compliance for enterprise customers looking to use the hybrid cloud,” said Atul Garg, HP Vice President and GM, Cloud and Automation. “By combining the innovative Cloud Raxak Protect™ SaaS security compliance service with HP’s Cloud Service Automation solution, any size business can deploy secure applications quickly, cost-effectively and without human error. The tight integration with HP’s solution provides customers a turn-key solution for automating application security compliance.”

“Cloud Raxak’s innovative approach to automating security across private and public clouds, will enable SIFY to manage security compliance more effectively for our clients,” said Ravi Maguluri, Senior Vice President of Cloud Initiatives at SIFY Technologies. “The use of Cloud Raxak Protect™ will decrease security errors, reduce development costs, accelerate time to market, and streamline the auditing process.”

David Richards, CEO of WanDisco, said, “Cloud Raxak makes the application of a security profile to a VM as simple as spinning up the VM in a cloud. For highly elastic applications like Hadoop, this simplifies the process of securing the application.”

“The integration of Cloud Raxak Protect automated security with HP’s Cloud Service Automation, will enable Athreya Technologies to deliver a compliance solution for the regulatory driven Healthcare and Financial Service industries,” said Balaguru Athreya, CEO of Athreya Technologies. “By ensuring security compliance, this will provide these clients the flexibility to run their applications on a private or public cloud.”

Prasanna Mulgaonkar, Cloud Raxak CEO and founder, said, “Cloud Raxak Protect™ enables application teams and enterprise IT to apply security profiles such as DISA and NIST approved technical security controls across private and public cloud infrastructures. Cloud Raxak Protect™ makes it as simple to apply security compliance profiles to a set of virtual machines, as it is to provision them. We are very pleased to have partnered closely with HP and their industry leading CSA solution to bring this service to market.”

Cloud Raxak Protect™ Automates Security Compliance in the Cloud

Key features/benefits of Cloud Raxak Protect™ include:

  • Secure, Fast, Efficient Deployment: SaaS-based, Cloud Raxak Protect enables cloud apps to be deployed securely, quickly, cost-effectively and without human error.
  • Automation Across Public and Private Clouds: Automates and simplifies deployment and management of secure applications across any combination of hybrid IT services.
  • Seamless Integration with HP CSA solution: Tight integration with HP’s industry leading Cloud Service Automation software, delivers a turn-key solution for simple and quick provisioning of security compliant applications on both public and private clouds.
  • Open and Flexible: Provides the ability to provision on Amazon public cloud today, and will soon expand to include private and public clouds including OpenStack®, VMWare and Microsoft Hyper-V.
  • Compliance Profiles Simplified: Security templates make it simple to deploy compliance profiles across virtual machines in the private enterprise and public cloud.
  • Customized Security Profiles: CISO’s can tailor the profiles to match workload security and compliance requirements. Developers, testers and sysadmins can automatically apply approved profiles to target virtual machines.
  • Cost Effective Auditing: Audit-ready reporting reduces the cost of security compliance. System/Cloud administrators can now focus on security exceptions, reducing human error and increasing compliance.

For more information on Cloud Raxak Protect™ availability and pricing, please contact us at

About Cloud Raxak

Cloud Raxak™ automates and simplifies the delivery of cloud security compliance across the enterprise. Cloud Raxak Protect™ is a unique SaaS security solution that allows cloud users to apply DISA and NIST approved technical controls across private and public cloud virtual machines. Cloud Raxak is headquartered in Los Gatos. For more information about Cloud Raxak please visit


Cloud Raxak
Russ Schafer, 408-384-9534

Release Summary

Partnership that combines Cloud Raxak Protect security compliance with HP’s Cloud Service Automation, enables enterprises to deploy secure applications quickly, cost-effectively, and without errors.


Cloud Raxak
Russ Schafer, 408-384-9534