Energen Sees Additional, Significant Cost Savings in 2015

New Service Cost Cuts Combine with Efficiency Gains to Reduce Permian Basin Drill-and-Complete Costs

Service Cost Reductions Also Lower Projected Mancos Well Costs

BIRMINGHAM, Ala.--()--Energen Corporation (NYSE: EGN) said today that it expects to realize additional well-cost savings of 15 percent to 25 percent during the last nine months of 2015 in the Permian Basin as a result of additional drilling and completion service cost reductions and drilling efficiencies that have been achieved. This is in addition to the 10 percent drilling and completion service cost savings (relative to 2014) already included in its 2015 drilling and development capital budget of approximately $1.0 billion. Energen rebid its service contracts at the end of March 2015.

“Drilling efficiency gains are being felt particularly in the Delaware Basin, where our drilling team is making excellent progress in reducing the number of days to drill,” said James McManus, Energen’s chairman and chief executive officer. “These efficiency gains have resulted largely from making changes in the casing program, improving hole-cleaning practices, optimizing the bottom-hole assembly selection, and modifying the mud program. The number of days needed to drill a new 4,500’ lateral Wolfcamp well to total depth in the Delaware Basin has declined to a current average of 30 days; our best drill time this year has been 20 days.

“In our Midland Basin Wolfcamp A & B development program, we continue to achieve drilling efficiencies, but the largest cost savings for new drills are the result of drilling and completion service cost reductions,” McManus added. “The average number of days to drill a new 7,500’ lateral Wolfcamp development well to total depth in Glasscock County is 21 days – 5 days with spudder rig and 16 days with drilling rig. Our best drill time this year has been 15 days – 5 days with spudder rig and 10 days with drilling rig.

“All of these cost savings and efficiency gains will impact our capital and, possibly, our drilling plans for 2015. We currently are assessing the impact of these cost reductions and expect to discuss any changes to existing plans in our upcoming quarterly disclosure to be issued after the market closes on May 6,” McManus added.

Per Well Drill-and-Complete Costs by Play

  Current   EOY Target  



    South   North   South   North  
Wolfcamp A (7,500' lateral) $ 6.1   $ 6.3 $ 5.9   $ 6.1


Wolfcamp B (7,500' lateral) $ 6.3 $ 6.5 $ 6.0 $ 6.3
Wolfcamp A (6,700' lateral) $ 5.8 $ 6.0 $ 5.6 $ 5.8
Wolfcamp B (6,700' lateral)   $ 6.0  

$ 6.2

  $ 5.8   $ 6.0  
Wolfcamp A (4,400' lateral) $ 5.1


$ 4.9



Wolfcamp B (4,400' lateral)   $ 5.3  


  $ 5.1  


    Current Original Budget
  South   North
Wolfcamp A (10,000' lateral) $ 8.0   $ 8.2

$ 11.5-$ 12.0

Wolfcamp B (10,000' lateral) $ 8.2 $ 8.4
Wolfcamp C (10,000' lateral)   $ 8.6   $ 8.8
Wolfcamp A (7,500' lateral) $ 7.3 $ 7.5

$ 9.0-$ 10.0

Wolfcamp B (6,700' lateral) $ 7.4 $ 7.6
Spraberry (7,500' lateral) $ 7.2 $ 7.4
Spraberry (6,700' lateral)   $ 6.9   $ 7.1




Single Well

Pad Target




Well Target

Wolfcamp A & B (4,500' West) $ 8.3  

$ 10.0-$ 11.0

  $ 8.1   $ 7.5
Wolfcamp A& B (4,500' Central) $ 8.2 $ 7.4 $ 6.9
Wolfcamp A& B (4,500' East) $ 8.7     $ 8.5   $ 7.7
Current   Original Budget
Mancos (4,500' South Central) $ 5.1 $ 6.5
Mancos (4,500' East and West) $ 5.5  


  • All drill-and-complete costs include approximately $0.2 million of well-specific facilities costs (i.e., costs associated with getting production off the lease).
  • Drill-and-complete costs for appraisal/exploratory wells are greater than for development wells due to the one-off nature of the exploratory drilling and associated “science” as compared with pad drilling in a development (manufacturing) mode.
  • “Current” represents the drill-and-complete cost of a new well as of April 1, 2015, and includes service cost reductions and drilling efficiencies currently being achieved.
  • The “EOY Target” and “Single Well Pad Target” reflect potential, additional efficiency gains at current drilling and completion service costs.

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