Has Groundbreaking Solution for Air Pollution in Cities

AMSTERDAM--() invented The BioAIRTrails XXXL. These are big airtrail factories with the measurements of 3 meters and a diameter of 3 meters, BioTrail factories atomize long healthy air in the atmosphere for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The super large humidifier has a tank of 10,000 liters of water that is mixed with filtering minerals. The BioAIRTRAILS XXXL are specially developed for cities as Rotterdam, London and Paris to clean the atmosphere. The founders behind are the same as the founders that designed an international social media platform for world improvers and positive people.

A BioTrail is the opposite of a chemtrail. It is a spray capsule with a mixture of Alkaline water, zeolite, magnetite and Colloidal Gold, which is distributed by means of a diffuser in the air. Thus ensuring a healthier atmosphere, healthier air and therefore a healthier earth. Our air, seawater and groundwater are, just like our drinking water, too acidic with all its consequences.

The BioAIRTrail Formule

The BioTrail tank consists alkaline water, this makes for a less acidic air and soil because of the high pH value that the capsules contain. 0.3lbs. zeolite powder added per 4 liter water on and mixed with the alkaline water. Zeolite removes all harmful substances from the air and out of the ground. 500 ml colloidal gold per 4 liter is added to the mixture.

The first BioAIRTRAIL XXXL is currently being developed in collaboration with a Chinese partner company and should be ready for use in September 2015. will enter into discussion with the municipality of Rotterdam and Paris to place the first BIOTRAIL XXXL in one of these cities.

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Kelly Ruigrok, +31 6 2164 7293

Release Summary

BioAirTrails XXXL invented by are huge airtrail factories that will soon clean the atmosphere in big cities like Rotterdam, Paris or London by diffusing filtering minerals in the air.

Kelly Ruigrok, +31 6 2164 7293