Apervita Unveils the World’s First Community and Marketplace for Health Analytics & Data

Apervita brings its mission to the annual HIMSS15 conference, empowering health enterprises everywhere to make knowledge computable, delivered through snap-on, affordable health analytics.


CHICAGO--()--Apervita, Inc. (www.apervita.com), at the 2015 Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society’s Annual Conference & Exhibition (HIMSS15), today unveiled the world’s first community and marketplace for health analytics & data, empowering prominent global health enterprises to publish and commercialize their knowledge, sharing it with health professionals everywhere. This approach uniquely addresses the burgeoning demand for health analytics & data by empowering leading enterprises to capture and share their expertise, making it readily available through a marketplace for all to use.

The rapidly growing Apervita Community already boasts ten founding members and more than 250 algorithms, measures, pathways, protocols and data sets offered through the Apervita Market. With Apervita, health enterprises and professionals can author, publish and subscribe to health analytics & data, easily applying them in their workflow. Pioneer community members include leading health enterprises, such as Mayo Clinic, The Leapfrog Group, CETA Consulting, Quant HC, Diameter Health and MEDAL.org.

“Computable health has the potential to empower health professionals in every health enterprise. We’re helping our clients capitalize on their own unique expertise, by automating it through snap-on analytics deployed on Apervita,” said Michael Fang, M.D., chief executive officer at CETA Consulting.

“Quant HC is delighted to partner with Apervita to deliver our eCART algorithm to hospitals so they can harness the power of big data for the benefit of patient care,” said Dr. Dana Edelson M.D., chief medical officer of Quant HC. This highly precise algorithm sifts through large amounts of patient data, providing clinicians with an early indication of patient deterioration.

“Apervita has already made great progress in 2015, significantly expanding both authors and users in the community. Top analytics being showcased by the community at HIMSS15 include some of the most predictive and precise analytics available today,” said Paul Magelli, chief executive officer of Apervita. “We see a rapidly increasing demand for thousands of smart analytics, enabling health professionals to get simple answers to complex questions, by automatically processing large amounts of data. With more than one million, evidenced-based publications available in the world today, there is already a wealth of analytics with the potential to transform the way we deliver care. By making them computable, we allow health professionals to spend more time with patients and less time processing data.”

Apervita community members showcasing at HIMSS15 include:

  • The Mayo Clinic: a Sudden Cardiac Arrest algorithm, allowing cardiac physicians to quickly sift through large amounts of EMR data to detect those patients in need of a consultation.
  • Michelle Currie, Chief Data Officer of CETA Consulting: a chronic heart failure management dashboard, allowing providers to monitor and manage patient risks throughout in-patient stays.
  • Dr. Dana Edelson M.D., Chief Medical Officer of Quant HC: eCART, allowing physicians to detect, with precision, early signs of patient deterioration.
  • John D'Amore M.S., Chief Technology Officer of Diameter Health: DH Predict, allowing Case Managers to detect 30-day readmission risks and leading causes with unparalleled accuracy.
  • John Svirbley M.D., Chief Medical Officer of MEDAL.org: the largest global aggregator of medical algorithms, commercializing numerous analytics on Apervita, including readmission, cancer and chronic disease.

Apervita and the Mayo Clinic will also showcase the first solution to automatically transform standard measure definitions into computable analytics. This capability makes the complex and exhausting task of importing, authoring, then releasing and executing measures fast and simple.

In Booth #3688, through Wednesday, April 15, Apervita will showcase how it democratizes health analytics & data to make health computable. Visit to learn how to join the community and see demonstrations to better understand how Apervita empowers and inspires health professionals to author, publish and apply health analytics & data.

About Apervita

Apervita is the first health marketplace and community for analytics and data, where prominent health professionals and enterprises from around the globe are being empowered to democratize the world’s health analytics & data to improve outcomes and unlock new sources of economic value.

At Apervita, we believe health professionals and enterprises have already created the greatest wealth of knowledge that has ever existed. Today, the majority of this knowledge is paper-based or locked into proprietary systems. The Apervita community is already unlocking them, turning them into computable and shareable analytics and applying them to improve health.

Apervita enables health professionals and enterprises to author, use, publish and apply evidence-based algorithms, quality and safety measures, pathways, and protocols, easily connecting them to data and workflow. Available to every health professional and powerful enough for the entire health enterprise, Apervita provides health analytics at a tenth of today’s cost, in a hundredth of the time.


Rey Perez, 312-226-4139

Release Summary

Apervita, Inc., at HIMSS15, today unveiled the world’s first community and marketplace for health analytics & data, empowering global health enterprises to publish and commercialize their knowledge.


Rey Perez, 312-226-4139