CTRL+Console Celebrates Growth, Returns to NAB Show 2015 with New Interfaces

Maker of a mobile app for iPad control of Adobe Premiere Pro CC & Final Cut Pro Returns to NAB After Two Years of Success and With Expanded Product Library

2015 NAB Show

LAS VEGAS--()--Two years ago at NAB, CTRL+Console demoed a prototype of its mobile app for iPad control of Adobe® Premiere® Pro CC for video editing. This was just the first of many interfaces by the company that turn iPads into intuitive controllers for creative software. Today, the company is back at the Show and proud to celebrate two years of helping more than 5,000 video editors in 79 different countries tell their best stories.

The Creative’s Best Friend

Creative software has been largely designed around the limited functionality of the keyboard and relies heavily on hundreds of keyboard shortcuts to improve speed of use. The development of touchscreens has ushered in a new era of intuitive interfaces that are so intuitive even toddlers can use them. However, few products address this leap in design to improve user control of the complex software modern creatives use on a daily basis – that is, until CTRL+Console.

“The talented creatives who tap into the power of Adobe Premiere Pro CC are constantly looking for new ways to up their game,” said Simon Williams, Adobe. “CTRL+Console is a strong complement to Adobe Premiere Pro CC, part of Adobe Creative Cloud®. The intuitive buttons and fast gesture controlled editing via the iPad is an evolution in user experience for our customers.”

“Every day we use CTRL+Console for controlling our timelines for both our editing and motion graphics suites,” said Arthur Bell of DreamLike Pictures. “In fact, we unplugged the $1,000 console we had been using after I got CTRL+Console because the app is more responsive.”

Instead of expensive hardware that only works with one program, the CTRL+Console app brings iPads into the workflow as an intuitive touchscreen interface for many programs (including Adobe Premiere Pro CC, Adobe Lightroom®, coming soon, and Final Cut Pro) and incorporates a cutting-edge Gesture Control System that allows creatives to edit faster, all while keeping their eyes on their work.

On his experience with CTRL+Console, David Curlee of GeekBeat.tv said, “Once you get your feet wet and learn the gestures you can really speed up your workflow. It’s really going to help enhance the way you do your editing and at such an affordable price.”

David Shapton, Editor of RedShark News, said, “It works, and very well. So much so, that I would consider using it every day.”

Celebrating Growth

CTRL+Console is on a mission to empower other creatives and change the way editors use computers. This mission, and the beautifully designed app, have struck a chord among creative circles. CTRL+Console currently has over 5,200 video editors in 79 countries, with an overall App Star Rank of four stars and rave reviews from grateful users. In February 2015, CTRL+Console repeatedly (eight times!) reached the top 50 Grossing Productivity Apps in the App Store, and hit number 12 Top Grossing productivity app in September 2014.

This success was started by the backers of CTRL+Console’s Kickstarter campaign in November 2012, which surpassed its goal by 20%. Last month, CTRL+Console completed its latest round of fundraising, in which the company raised $261,000 in three weeks. Said CTRL+Console Cofounder Jeff Chow: “This is about empowering our users to create what they dream. Our goal is to help the creative process so that we can all tell the stories, create the images, or build the models that mean the most to us.”

The Total Package

The CTRL+Console app currently has interfaces available for Adobe Premiere Pro CC, Final Cut Pro, and Quicktime, with more iPad interfaces in the works. These consoles are perfect for reviewing footage, and editing video without memorizing dozens of keyboard shortcuts or being chained to the keyboard and mouse. They are also ergonomically beneficial – sit back and edit – and help create more collaborative editing experiences. The best part? Video editing is just the beginning. CTRL+Console has big plans for video as well as photography, 3D modeling, audio design, and more.

Demos of all of the CTRL+Console interfaces will be available by appointment during NAB 2015.

About CTRL+Console

CTRL+Console was founded in Boulder, Colorado in 2012 and funded by 888 backers on Kickstarter with the mission to enable a whole new generation to unleash their creativity. Press and accolades include a feature in Mashable and an invitation to demo from Adobe's booth throughout NAB 2013. CTRL+Console is the brainchild of Jeff Chow, a professional photographer and technologist who found himself facing the same challenge that many creatives around the world face everyday - the desire to make art, but held back by the difficulty of software. CTRL+Console is designed to solve that.

About Adobe at NAB

At NAB 2015, Adobe is showcasing advances that radically improve how broadcasters, filmmakers and video professionals create, collaborate, deliver and monetize content across multiple screens. Adobe will preview major updates to the video applications in Adobe Creative Cloud, including Adobe Premiere Pro CC, Adobe After Effects CC, and unveil major enhancements to Adobe Primetime, the industry’s most advanced TV delivery and monetization platform, which will help broadcasters and pay TV providers scale video delivery across OTT and other devices. Adobe also announced important updates to Adobe Anywhere, the collaborative workflow platform that empowers users of Adobe Premiere Pro CC and Adobe Prelude CC to work together using centralized media and shared projects. In addition, Adobe is unveiling mobile technology in development called “Project Candy” that will reinvent the color workflow for editors and Adobe Character Animator, a new professional-quality animation tool that brings characters to life using a webcam, microphone and facial gestures. To learn more about Adobe Creative Cloud and Adobe video tools, go to www.adobe.com/go/video. More information about Adobe at NAB can be found here: http://adobe.ly/1GPXwdB, or see Adobe at NAB in Booth SL5110.

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Shelley Nall, 512-632-1487