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Actian and Partners Deliver Clear Path Program for Healthcare to Accelerate Analytics Journey


CHICAGO--()--Actian Corporation (“Actian”) offers a way forward for healthcare organizations seeking tangible and predictable results from data analytics initiatives, with the launch of the Actian Clear Path Program for Healthcare. The Program helps organizations accelerate their analytics journey by providing them with proven, industry-specific analytics blueprints and workshops co-created by Actian’s Center of Excellence data scientists and leading healthcare IT systems integrators. Based on real-world customer engagements, the Program provides validated starting points and clear next steps to help ease common adoption struggles associated with the implementation of deeper data analytics initiatives.

Regulations and patient demand for better, more cost-effective care have forever changed the healthcare landscape. Pressures for better patient outcomes are as intense as the budget, time, staff and resource constraints faced by a majority of healthcare providers. Data analytics have shown to improve outcomes for critical operational initiatives like readmission prevention, staff optimization and improved patient experience. Unfortunately, healthcare organizations have been slow to adopt next-generation analytics methodologies and technologies due to a lack of internal resources needed to navigate the complex processes of kick-starting an analytics initiative, or to successfully manage it through the various cycles of the analytics journey.

“By collecting, combining and analyzing data from wearables, patient-connected equipment, EMRs, social platforms, and other sources, healthcare organizations can reduce costs by $450 billion1. The bad news is, all of that data can be overwhelming for understaffed, overstretched organizations that have little to no idea of how to get started on their analytics journeys and can’t afford to invest in initiatives without a clear, predictable ROI,” said Ashish Gupta, CMO and SVP of business development for Actian. “Actian and our partners are dedicated to enabling the healthcare industry to make sense of the data at their fingertips and accelerate their analytics journey by giving them a step-by-step path forward to solve complex healthcare problems.”

The Clear Path Program blueprints, available at no cost, provide healthcare-centric advanced analytics roadmaps to accelerate time to value by deepening data discovery and blending traditional data with new data types for more accurate results. The first set of healthcare blueprints focus on provider operational initiatives:

  • Population Health Analytics: Healthcare organizations must keep patient satisfaction high and costs low. The Population Health Analysis blueprint from Atigeo and Actian gives healthcare organizations the power to analyze all patient-related data, from medical claims to notes and text, allowing them to make use of innovative predictive readmissions models, reduce risk and improve patient care and population health. With access to advanced analytics workflows on a fuller, richer data set, healthcare providers can uncover patient risk stratification and disease progression classifiers while simultaneously detecting anomalies. Publishing results and collecting real-time feedback allows the healthcare provider to recommend optimal care paths in the hospital, proactively contact at-risk patients and improve “insight to care” policies. New insights are continuously fed back into workflows, which ultimately helps reduce readmissions and improve the quality of health and care for patients without raising costs.
  • Physician Engagement: Physicians have access to a multitude of data but are unable to access it in a meaningful, timely manner. This Blueprint, co-created with iVEDiX, gives physicians the ability to integrate both structured (e.g., claims data) and unstructured data sources (e.g., EMR) to obtain complete and immediate visibility into network performance (trends, cost and utilization reporting), patient risk profiles, population health segmentation, chronic health management and more. Through high-performance analytics, physicians can get a detailed view of their patients and can determine what, if any, alerts need to be raised. These alerts can then easily be shared with other healthcare providers through a Healthcare Information Exchange.
  • Staff Optimization: Staff resources are a critical element in a hospital’s cost structure. Using the Staff Optimization Blueprint from Actian and iVEDiX, hospitals can leverage predictive analytics to forecast patient volumes. Armed with this important insight, they can manage costs without diminishing patient outcomes. By integrating historical data with limitless data sources, including financial data, hospital facilities scheduling data and discharge / admission management systems, hospitals can run analytics on a fuller data set. As a result, they can more accurately predict patient inflow at any given time to generate staffing plans. This can reduce staff costs greatly, minimize wait times, and improve overall employee and patient satisfaction.
  • Patient Sentiment Analytics: Healthcare executives are placing increased importance on patient experience to achieve higher quality care. More patients are turning to social media to express their thoughts on their healthcare experience, to seek medical advice and discuss symptoms, and expect their healthcare experience to mirror the fast, always-on, tailored experience achieved by retailers. With the Patient Sentiment Analysis Blueprint from Saama and Actian, healthcare providers can leverage social media, internal hospital records, government data, EHR / EMR and syndicated sources to paint a more accurate picture of a patient’s experience and ultimately improve patient engagement.

Launched in July 2014, Actian’s Clear Path Program embodies best practices in an era of changing regulations, growing data volumes and rapidly proliferating data sources and save weeks to months on deployment cycles with fast design and iterative modeling. Built on the fast, open, enterprise-grade Actian Analytics Platform, the Program helps organizations accelerate the data preparation portion of the analytics process, analyze greater variety and volumes of data, and derive answers in real-time. The Program complements current data infrastructure investments and enables organizations to leverage their in-house expertise. Now, organizations can do more with less and decrease risk associated with new technology initiatives and future-proof their analytics to scale as business needs evolve and data volumes grow.

“While most healthcare providers have adopted electronic health records, they’re still struggling to find ways to combine that valuable data with other sources and analyze it in a way to help doctors to improve care and administrators to cut costs. The goal of the Clear Path Program is to improve the quality of healthcare by reducing the barriers to data analytics and accelerating time to insight,” said Atigeo’s CEO, Michael Sandoval. “Together with Actian, we make it easier for organizations to take the next step in their analytics journey.”

Visit Actian and its partners Atigeo and iVEDiX at the HIMSS Annual Conference and Exhibition, April 12 – 16, 2015 at booth 5667 for demonstrations and presentations of the Clear Path Program in action.

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1 McKinsey: The ‘Big Data’ Revolution in Healthcare – Accelerating Value and Innovation (January 2013)


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Action launches the Clear Path Program for Healthcare to help organizations accelerate their analytics journey by providing them with proven, industry-specific analytics blueprints


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