BaseHealth Announces Enterprise Offering to Enable Precision Medicine Inside of Health and Wellbeing Platforms

Genomic-Driven Assessments Unlock Individual Insights that Advance Patient Health and Wellbeing

REDWOOD CITY, Calif.--()--BaseHealth, a platform enabler that adds genomic precision to modern health and wellbeing offerings, today announced its new integrated enterprise offering for health organizations. Its technology leverages genomic insights and a wide variety of health data to deliver personalized wellbeing recommendations uniquely suited to individuals.

The cloud based, HIPAA-compliant enterprise offering adds a genomic layer to modern health and wellbeing offerings. It is “genomics inside” for a variety of platforms, products and programs. BaseHealth creates highly personalized health assessments and detailed action plans using a user’s environmental factors, genetics, lifestyle, and medical records.

“For health plans, BaseHealth helps our customers differentiate in a crowded market, increase member engagement, and identify individual and population-wide trends,” said Prakash Menon, CEO of BaseHealth. “For medical centers, BaseHealth catalyzes product innovation, which creates new fee and service-based revenue streams.”

BaseHealth starts with genetic analysis and connects each individual’s genomic data with a variety of other factors, including lifestyle, environment, family history, and medical records. The data is entered into an analytics engine on the back-end to produce an individualized health assessment that is backed by peer-reviewed citations. Physicians and health coaches can use this assessment to consult with users collaboratively to formulate a detailed action plan to encourage long-term wellbeing.

“We are all living longer, and we expect to live healthier too,” said Hossein Fakhrai-Rad, Founder and Chief Scientific Officer of BaseHealth. “With BaseHealth's new enterprise offering, we are helping people reach their healthiest selves on a large scale. We provide them with a comprehensive view of individual health so they can positively impact their risk factors."

Shared dashboards guide in-person consultations between physicians and users. Additionally, interactive modeling tools are available that help users determine how various health factors affect their health and the implications of their choices. Patients and customers can report everyday behavioral data through a variety of wearables or tracking devices in real-time in a user portal.

LABCO, the leading European medical diagnostics group, is the first partner to use BaseHealth’s new enterprise platform enabler. LABCO is implementing BaseHealth inside its existing platform, and will roll the new capability out to its network of 50,000 referent physicians and as many as 25 million patients over the next 5 years.

Health plans and medical centers can now use BaseHealth’s genomic infrastructure and analysis directly in their existing systems, which eliminates the need to invest in implementing and maintaining a new ecosystem and reduces medical trend.

Key features include:

  • Comprehensive health and wellbeing assessment that is customized to users
  • Integration with multiple devices (including wearables and tracking applications), labs, EMR/EHRs and systems
  • HIPAA-compliant cloud-based repository for health data storage and aggregation (lab work and medical records)
  • Healthcare provider portal for tracking patient population metrics and progress
  • Trend analysis and progress tracking against wellbeing goals
  • Independent BaseHealth score of health engagement and behavior

BaseHealth is available today for health plans and medical centers. To get started, visit

About BaseHealth

BaseHealth is a platform enabler that adds genomic precision to modern health and wellbeing offerings. BaseHealth was founded in 2011 by an interdisciplinary team of leading clinical geneticists, healthcare executives, software engineers and physicians in Silicon Valley, California.

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