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--()--Founded in 2000 in southern California, Nouvation, Inc., is the developer of OTIS. This robust, highly evolved, plug-and-play software suite has been proven in use at blood banks, hospital transfusion services and laboratories from coast to coast.

Short for “occurrence tracking information system,” OTIS makes it easy to track and trend deviations, then analyze this data, and leverage it to inform quality and process improvement initiatives.

Remarkably affordable and easy-to-use, OTIS®-Blood Bank and OTIS®-Laboratory are incident management systems specifically designed to help blood and tissue banks, hospital transfusion services, and laboratories, promote quality and compliance. In addition to tracking and trending deviations, these sibling software solutions drive root-cause analysis, and help automate corrective/preventive actions (CAPA) precipitated by medical errors, deviations or nonconforming events.

Now headquartered in Houston, Nouvation developed OTIS with strong input from front-line blood-bankers and laboratory professionals around the country. Most prominently, the company worked in close collaboration with a “Top 50” Orange County, Calif., hospital that’s used OTIS with great success since Day One. The hospital’s medical director and QA manager continue to serve on the OTIS advisory council, which includes 10 healthcare, quality and efficiency experts, who help keep OTIS current with industry trends, share best practices with new users, and advocate for error-reporting in a “Just Culture.”

Members also advise on appropriate enhancements and beta-test upgrades, most recently, version 9. Featuring enhanced speed, stability and reliability, OTIS 9 enables users to instantly slice and dice deviation trending data, and more easily extract actionable information that drives patient safety, healthcare quality, departmental efficiency and regulatory compliance.



Nouvation, Inc.

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Nouvation is the developer of OTIS, a health IT solution blood banks, transfusion services and laboratories use to track/trend/leverage deviations to drive quality, efficiency and compliance.