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BRIGHTON, Mass.--()--You don’t need to wait for a future where your business can go paperless! It’s already here with PDFfiller! While Adobe recently announced the launch of their new document management software, Boston-based company PDFfiller is celebrating over five years of transforming businesses to paperless workflows.1 This week marks the first-year anniversary of the introduction of our SendToSign digital signature technology, and the milestone of over 20,000 customers switching to electronic signatures using SendToSign.

According to a recent study, 83 percent of workers feel their ability to be productive at work is slowed down by outdated ways of working with documents.2 However, over 100,000 businesses and individuals have already successfully made the move to paperless document management and digital document signing with PDFfiller. PDFfiller provides the services of an online document editor, cloud storage platform, and a comprehensive e-signature solution all in one package, without any downloads.

The award-winning PDFfiller online platform offers you:

  • Powerful Digital Signing with SendToSign

Request up to twenty signatures, create customizable signature workflows, track signature completion and generate downloadable certificates of signature completion. In the near future customers will be able to request supplementary documents and verify signatures with photo authentification.

  • Document Editing, and Annotation

You don’t need expensive and bulky PDF software like Acrobat. PDFfiller can convert, edit, print, and annotate any document in a variety of formats from PDF to Word.

  • Document Management & Control

Security is the top priority, so PDFfiller has industry-leading features such as the ‘Audit Trail’ that helps you monitor all account activity. In addition to being HIPAA compliant, we also provide an Encrypted Folder that gives bank-level double authentication protection to sensitive documents.

  • Mobile Apps

Businesses can easily work from anywhere, and from any device with PDFfiller’s mobile app. Our ScanToFill app replaces a scanner, copier, and fax simply by using the digital camera of your iPhone or iPad.

A few other of our unique features:

  • A document search engine with millions of annually-updated tax, finance, insurance, government, real estate, medical, legal and human resources forms
  • Unlimited cloud storage
  • eFax capacity

PDFfiller for Enterprise

PDFfiller helps businesses streamline document management, achieve paperless workflow, and free up time, energy, and resources better invested in business operations. We have applied years of research, analysis, and customer feedback to make PDFfiller the most intuitive and interactive service for optimizing your document workflow. Most importantly, customers love PDFfiller as evidenced by many thousands of 5-star independent reviews.

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Release Summary

PDFfiller marks the first-year anniversary of SendToSign digital signature technology along with over five years of helping businesses to streamline document management and achieve paperless workflow.


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Jane Finkelstein, 617-684-5164