Tuttle Tactical Management to Launch Inaugural ETF

Industry Leader in Trend Aggregation Investing to Bring Tactical “ETF of ETFs” to Market

STAMFORD, Conn.--()--Today ETF Issuer Solutions launches The Tuttle Tactical Management U.S. Core Exchange-Traded-Fund (NASDAQ: TUTT) with Tuttle Tactical Management acting as sub-adviser. TUTT is an ETF which seeks long-term capital appreciation while maintaining a secondary emphasis on capital preservation, primarily through investments in the U.S. equity market. The Fund is an “ETF of ETFs” that seeks to provide attractive returns during market upturns while maintaining the ability to protect capital during market downturns by employing a multi-strategy, tactically-managed exposure to U.S. equity markets.

The tactical nature of the Fund’s objective is a pre-determined strategy which, while active, reacts to market indicators rather than attempts to use them as predictors of market direction. Under normal market conditions, the Fund will invest not less than 80% of its total assets in shares of exchange-traded products listed on U.S. exchanges. The total annual fund operating expenses will be 1.34%.

Tuttle Tactical Management, LLC, the Fund’s investment sub-adviser, manages the assets using a tactical approach premised on the following principles of the Sub-Adviser’s investment philosophy:

  • Markets move in recognizable short and intermediate-term trends and countertrends
  • Over the intermediate term, strong asset classes tend to stay strong, while weak asset classes tend to continue in weakness
  • Over the shorter term, markets are dominated by media noise, fear and similar short-term disruptions and concerns.

TUTT will take advantage of this with the use of four types of strategies: an S&P 500 Momentum Model, which works to track the S&P 500 when it is trending upwards, a Relative Strength Equity Model, which will weight towards a sector based on its relative strength, a Beta Opportunities Model, which will allocate assets using methods other than market capitalization and as well allocate to low-risk instruments during a downtrend, and a counter trend model which looks to buy into market weakness and sell into market strength.

Matthew Tuttle, CEO and portfolio manager of Tuttle Tactical Management, LLC offers, “We’ve developed TUTT in order to offer investors what they really want----the chance to make money in up markets while protecting against loss in down markets.”

William J. Smalley, President of ETF Issuer Solutions, said, “We’re very happy to have added TUTT and Matthew to our listing of featured managers. As of now, there is no single envoy of tactical investing, and we think that the Tuttle Tactical Management U.S. Core ETF can serve that purpose.”

About Tuttle Tactical

Tuttle Tactical Management (TTM) is an industry leader in Trend Aggregation providing Investment Advisers, Financial Planners, Insurance Agents and their clients with proven and customized tactical ETF-based investment strategies and exclusive asset management. The firm’s uncertain global economy presents a new paradigm for investing. While growth is important, knowing how to protect the wealth you have accumulated is equally important.

About ETF Issuer Solutions

ETF Issuer Solutions Inc. ("ETFis") is a comprehensive platform for listing, operating, and distributing exchange traded funds. We work with investment managers to bring their strategies to market efficiently and position their ETFs for rapid growth. ETF Distributors LLC (Member: FINRA) is a special purpose broker-dealer designed specifically to operationally administer and actively distribute exchange traded funds.


Carefully consider the Fund's investment objectives, risk factors, charges, and expenses before investing. This and additional information can be found in the Fund’s prospectuses, which can be obtained by calling (212) 593-4383 or at its form N-1A. Read the prospectuses carefully before investing.

An investment in the Fund is subject to investment risks; therefore you may lose money by investing in the Fund. There can be no assurance that the Fund will be successful in meeting their investment objectives. Shares of any ETF are bought and sold at market price (not NAV) and are not individually redeemed from the Fund. Brokerage commissions will reduce returns. Narrowly focused investments typically exhibit higher volatility.

The Fund is subject to management risk because it is an actively managed portfolio. There are additional risks associated with portfolio turnover. As a result of its trading strategy, the Fund may sell portfolio securities without regard to the length of time they have been held and will likely have a higher portfolio turnover rate than other registered investment companies.

The Fund may invest in ETFs or other investment companies. Through its positions in ETFs and other investment companies, the Fund will be subject to the risks associated with such vehicles’ investments, including the possibility that the value of the securities or instruments held by an ETF or other investment company could decrease (or increase).

The Fund's investment adviser is Etfis Capital LLC, and its investment sub-adviser is Tuttle Tactical Management, LLC; the Fund distributed by ETF Distributors LLC (Member: FINRA), an affiliate of Etfis Capital LLC.


Gregory FCA for Tuttle Tactical Management
Ilan Friedman, 610-228-2287

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Tuttle Tactical Management to Launch Inaugural ETF; Industry Leader in Trend Aggregation Investing to Bring Tactical “ETF of ETFs” to Market


Gregory FCA for Tuttle Tactical Management
Ilan Friedman, 610-228-2287