World Smart Energy Week 2015 Exhibitor Profiles

World Smart Energy Week 2015

TOKYO--()--World Smart Energy Week 2015 takes place February 25 – 27, 2015 at the Tokyo Big Sight in Tokyo, Japan.

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Listed below are the World Smart Energy Week 2015 exhibitor profiles.

Booth: E13-33
"3 RADI Koka Konstrukcijas" Ltd. is Latvian manufacturing company with extensive experience in production and designing of timber houses and other timber structures from heavy timber framing and natural log. Company is specialized on standard and individual projects. Our skilled craftsmen use a combination of machine tools and handmade techniques to produce quality homes and outdoor structures. Only the highest quality dried timber is used in the manufacture of all our products. Using the latest technology we can accurately design and produce log houses, heavy timber frame houses, garages, gazebos, garden houses, summer houses, sheds, carports, terraces, etc.
Company: 3 RADI
Booth: E13-33

We provide a full production service of timber structures - from the development of individual project up to complete delivery of the house (or any other structure) "turn-key". Customers are offered ready-made and individual solutions of any level of difficulty.

We offer a wide range of products - ecological houses, cottages, saunas, carports, garages, camping, leisure centers, gazebos, grill houses, wooden structures for children; and finished products such as roofs, beams and other sawn wood materials for construction companies.

Our products provide comfort and energy-efficient mode of living; are adaptable to major exterior and interior decor finishing processes which can be started immediately after house is assembled; are designed for any climate conditions depending on client’s needs.

Booth: W30-78
A2battery is specialized in the production of Primary Lithium batteries and Rechargeable Lithium batteries. After many years’ effort, the company’s products are now exported worldwide and supported with a strong international sales network. Due to hard and productive work of our management and dedicated employees, A2battery has gained great reputation in the industry. A2battery integrates the latest technology and systematic management to constantly improve its’ manufacturing system and provide state of the art products to exceed customer expectations both in quality and price.

Our ongoing commitment to research and development provides our distributors and OEM customers with innovative and reliable products at reasonable prices.

Company: AB Sandvik Materials Technology
Booth: W13-52
Sandvik Materials Technology is a world-leading developer and manufacturer of products in advanced stainless steels and special alloys for the most demanding environments, as well as products and systems for industrial heating. Exhibit products : pre-coated metal substrate strip for fuel cell components, such as separator, bipolar plate for PEFC, SOFC.
Company: Ambor Structures, Inc.
Booth: W4-69
Ambor Structures Inc. engineers and manufactures custom-made monopole towers, tower raising systems, and QuikBase foundation systems for the distributed wind energy (1-100kW) and telecommunication industries.
Company: Apreciar (P.I.) Industrial Ltd.


Apreciar (P.I.) Industrial Ltd. established in 1993, our headquarters is based in Hong Kong and our factory "Fung Tat Battery Accessory Co. Ltd." is located in Shenzhen, China. With over 20 years experience, we professional in producing automotive battery packs accessories and providing 1-stop highly precision service including mold design, injection molding and assembling offer. We have been award ISO 9001 certification and automotive battery accessories patent. OEM and ODM project are welcomed.
Company: AU Optronics Corp.
Booth: E33-14
BenQ Solar, a division of AU Optronics, is committed to bringing solar into your everyday life in a greener, more efficient, more reliable and easily accessible way. AU Optronics Corporation is a leading global manufacturer of TFT-LCD. As a total solutions provider, BenQ Solar specializes in providing high efficiency solar solutions that cater to residential, commercial and utility customers.
Company: AVL List GmbH
Booth: W15-49
AVL develops all kinds of powertrain systems and is a competent partner to engine and automotive industry. AVL also markets simulation methods necessary for development. Further products comprise all instruments, systems and software for powertrain and vehicle testing. Our simulation software is focusing on design and optimization of powertrain systems and covers all powertrain parts and developing process. AVL has profound knowledge of fuel cell system design, controlling, dominant degradation mechanism and stack monitoring since 2002. We have realized various fuel-cell system concepts in prototypes. AVL is a strong and well known partner of the international Fuel Cell industry.
Company: Borit NV
Booth: W12-33
Borit is a full-service producer of metallic bipolar plates and separators delivering to vendors of fuel cells and electrolysers. As innovative technology leader, Borit provides excellence in metal forming, cutting, welding, coating and sealing. Based upon its flexible production technologies such as Hydrogate, its proprietary forming technology, and high-speed precision laser welding, Borit supports its customers from conceptual plate design and material selection over prototyping to mass manufacturing.
Company: Briscola Inc.
Booth: E48-9
Briscola Inc. is the only cloud-based business planning and development company in Japan. Briscola engages in the formulation of business strategies based on advanced cloud technologies (big data / analytics, IoT/M2M, sensor cloud, machine learning, etc.), cloud strategy consulting in support of innovation (Cloud FrontiEra), analysis of the effectiveness of corporate clients’ own cloud strategies (Cloud Insight). It also provides other cloud services such as the Concord global cloud data alliance, for the effective and efficient realization of hybrid cloud environments.
Company: Brückner Maschinenbau GmbH & Co.KG
Booth: W32-42-n

Brückner Maschinenbau: Breakthrough technologies for manufacturing a wide range of oriented plastic films

Brückner Maschinenbau is the world market leader in the field of stretching lines for the production of flexible plastics films, utilised for packaging or technical applications.

The lines guarantee an efficient, flexible & reliable film production, providing further value for film manufacturers.

Booth: E52-24
Ticker Symbol & Exchange: SHZ:002623
As the world’s largest producer of ARC glass and ultrathin tempered glass, we are leading the way in solar glass industry. We proudly present the pioneering ultrathin frameless PV module with glass-glass structure design. Such product presents a flawless integration of simplicity, reliability and durability.
Company: Changzhou EGing Photovoltaic Technology Co.,Ltd.
Booth: E30-16
Ticker Symbol & Exchange: SHH:600537
EGing Photovoltaic Technology is a leading internationally recognized vertically integrated solar PV company. It started silicon ingot production in 2003 and has achieved fast and steady growth since then. EGing has raised capacity to 1 GW by the end of 2011 and successfully listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange (stock code: SH600537). The world’s most advanced fully automated module assembly line guarantees the stable quality and excellent performance. With global brand recognition, EGing PV is credited by its global customers a reliable partner.
Company: Chen Tech Electric MFG. Co., Ltd.
Booth: W24-42
Chen Tech has opened business support bases of Tokyo, China Suzhou, Seoul to build the real-time support system between Taiwan headquarters. Strongly support the global expansion of our customers and continue to evolve with the market.

We have been developing, manufacturing and selling the equipment including the charge/ discharge systems in the secondary battery market over 30 years. Today there is a result of continued response to the market needs.

In the future, we will agree to develop together with our customers to continue to play an active part towards the realization of a low-carbon society. We will continue to provide services that our Japanese customers can understand.

Company: Daxin Materials Corporation
Booth: W25-55
Ticker Symbol & Exchange: TW: 5234
Functionalized resins, polymer solutions, wet chemicals, in addition to other advanced materials, Daxin Materials Corp. has collaborated with partners and customers on these aforementioned products to meet the expectations of the market since 2006. During Battery Japan 2015, Daxin will demonstrate our polymer binder technique which was designed especially for silicon based anode materials.
Booth: E13-33
Dores is one of the most up-to-date log house factories in Europe. Dores Factory produces the best quality prefabricated glued and solid-timber log houses, timber-frame houses, wood constructions. The quality of every Dores log house is guaranteed by internationally FSC certified timber suppliers. Dores carries out any individual project, as well as offers series of Dores’ project ideas from which the client can choose the most desirable project and customize it to fit personal needs. The quality, energy efficiency and unlimited architectural solutions make Dores Factory’s wooden houses suitable for constructing also any type of public buildings.
Company: Elcogen
Booth: W15-75
Elcogen is active in the energy sector, and manufactures and develops high-performance anode-supported Intermediate Temperature Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (IT-SOFC) and SOFC stacks for fuel cell systems. Elcogen provides the most competitive products in the most critical part of the fuel cell value chain. Elcogen’s cells and stacks are based on proprietary materials and technological solutions. Elcogen was established in 2001 and has offices in Tallinn, Estonia and Vantaa, Finland. The company works closely with leading Estonian and Finnish research institutions. Since 2008, Power Fund II managed by the Finnish VNT Management, holds a significant stake in the company.
Company: ENERCON GmbH / Hitachi Power Solutions Co., Ltd.
Booth: W3-16
ENERCON´s gearless and full inverter technology has proved its suitability for the Japanese environment and electrical grid for 15 years. In cooperation with Hitachi Power Solutions we have more to offer for a future with limited nuclear power: ENERCON´s grid integration features of Wind Farms for stabilizing the power system has already been available for years abroad. Now also for Japan. In addition Hitachi Power Solutions has experience from several projects backed up with batteries eliminating / controlling fluctuations. Due to this successful cooperation we are able to offer 15 years of warranty and a technical availability guarantee of 95 %.
Company: Energy Services Group (ESG)
Booth: W19-22
Energy Services Group (ESG) has adapted America's leading retail energy data and business solution for the Japanese market. Over 100 U.S. energy retailers use ESG's solution for end-to-end business processes and data management services. From customer acquisition, supply, scheduling, to billing and customer care, ESG is the only complete enterprise solution available.
Company: Ennera Energy & Mobility S.L.
Booth: W4-31
Ennera Energy & Mobility S.L. is the designer and manufacturer of Windera S, a 3,2 kW small wind turbine. Windera S delivers great return on investment & payback periods to customers blessed with annual wind speeds up from 4 m/s. Ennera is looking for distributors in Japan in order to make this reliable, safe and efficient turbine available to Japanese families and businesses. Currently Hikaritechno is Ennera's first Japanese distributor, and Eco Farmer KK has purchased 4 units to install at Aomori. Windera S is certified by MCS & GL, and NK Class certification is underway.
Booth: W26-50
Foshan Golden Milky Way Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd is a state-level, high-tech enterprise specialized in manufacturing mixing and filling equipments used for building sealants, industrial adhesives, organosilicon & high polymer compounds, electronic chemicals, Lithium battery slurry, high polymer composites, paint chemicals and cosmetics etc.

Established in 2002, GMK is devoted to technical development and innovation, with many patented technologies, and is the founder of the Foshan Sanshui Engineering Technology Research and Development Center, and has gained TUV Rheinland ISO9001: 2008 certification in 2011.

Company: Goldhofer Aktiengesellschaft
Booth: W3-52

Goldhofer manufactures transport vehicles for payloads from 25 to over 10,000 tons.

Goldhofer supplies steered and unsteered trailers with 2 to 5 axles for payloads of between 7 and 80 tons (depending on the country-specific version).

Steered and unsteered versions with or without dropdeck / flatbed.

Available with 2 to 8 axles, can carry payloads of up to approximately 150 tons.

Modular heavy-duty vehicles
For big and heavy loads. Individual modules can be combined to form longitudinal or transversal configurations capable of transporting payloads up to 10,000 tons. Can also be equipped with hydrostatic drive.

Company: Greenpower Capital LLC
Booth: E39-27
Greenpower Capital's HQ in Los Angeles, with offices in Japan and Canada, focuses on global project development and finance for solar and wind. Our Tokyo office partners with developers and landowners to fund and develop PV projects. With its EPC & Investor Partners, Greenpower supports the entire development from initial site selection through project completion.

Greenpower is developing 20+ projects in Japan, targeting 300MW.

Booth: W28-16
Ticker Symbol & Exchange: SHZ:002709

Guangzhou Tinci Materials, founded in 2000 and then was restructured to a corporate limited company in 2007. Tinci specializes in R&D, manufacture, application and marketing for lithium-ion battery materials.
The leading products are high temperature electrolyte for soft and aluminium-shell battery, high temperature safe electrolyte, high rate (over 30C) for soft battery, high rate safe electrolyte for soft battery with capacity is <2.5Ah, safe electrolyte for long circle life power battery.
With the superior features of core ingredient, outstanding equipment and process engineering ability, customers can receive stable, reliable and uniform products with best value.

Booth: E 27-5 (PV System Expo)

IBC SOLAR is a leading global specialist in photovoltaic systems, offering complete solutions for power production from solar energy. The family-owned and operated company covers the entire spectrum, from planning to the turnkey handover of photovoltaic installations. Globally, IBC SOLAR has already implemented more than 150,000 photovoltaic systems with a total capacity of more than 2.5 gigawatts (GWp). The scale of these installations ranges from photovoltaic power plants and solar parks, which feed electricity into the grid, to systems for commercial self-consumption and off-grid systems. IBC SOLAR sells its photovoltaic components and systems over an extensive network of local installers.

As project developer, IBC SOLAR plans, implements and offer large scale solar projects worldwide. Through maintenance and monitoring, IBC SOLAR ensures an optimal performance of the solar parks. IBC SOLAR was founded in 1982 in Bad Staffelstein, Germany, by CEO Udo Möhrstedt. IBC SOLAR is represented by several subsidiaries around the world and is directed from its headquarters in Bad Staffelstein.

Company: Imerys Graphite & Carbon
Booth: W25-27
Ticker Symbol & Exchange: FR0000120859 - NK

Imerys Graphite & Carbon (previously Timcal) is the world leader in high-tech, high performance solutions based on specialized graphite and carbons.
With processing plants in Switzerland, Belgium, Canada, Japan and China as well as a graphite mine in Canada, Imerys Graphite & Carbon produces and markets a large variety of synthetic and natural graphite powders, conductive carbon blacks and water-based dispersions of consistent high quality.
These high-performance mineral specialties have earned Imerys Graphite & Carbon a leading position in technical application domains such as mobile energy, engineering products, additives for polymers, lubricants, or metallurgy and refractories products.

Company: Impact Coatings AB



Ticker Symbol & Exchange:

Nasdaq OMX First North: IMPC



Next generation fuel cell cars get cheaper by revolutionary Ceramic MaxPhase protective coating for metal bipolar plates.

Impact Coatings supplies innovative PVD technology, including complete solutions for protection of metal bipolar plates for fuel cells. This includes the Ceramic MaxPhase™ protective coating, turn-key PVD equipment for volume production, and a fast turn-around coating service. Very high corrosion resistance and good electrical properties make Ceramic MaxPhase as good as plated gold for bipolar plates. In addition, both material and the PVD coating technology are environment-friendly solutions.

Booth: E25-16

Ingeteam is an international company, leader in manufacturing and supplying a wide range of inverters and solutions tailored to suit any type of PV system.
Solar inverters
- Single-phase and three-phase string inverters (2,5 to 33 kVA)
- Three-phase central inverters (275 to 1.070 kVA).
- Complete turnkey MV power stations, customizable and fully equipped up to 2.140 kVA.
- Fully integrated SCADA and PV plant control systems.
Stand-alone systems and micro-grids
- Single-phase and three-phase hybrid inverters (60 to 250 kVA).
Energy management solutions
- Self-consumption solutions.
- Battery inverters.
- Diesel-PV solutions.
Micro Wind inverters
- Single-phase inverters

Booth: W26-44
KAYO company group is one of the large-scale battery manufactures in China. It was co-established with cooperation in technology from china and KAYO Battery Company from Japan in 1999. Till now KAYO company group own 4 manufacturing companies istributed in Shenzhen and Yuanjiang, Huan, with a total area of more than 100,000 square meters and total staff of more than 2,000. KAYO MAXTAR BATTERY LIMITED focus on the R&D of high-level Lithium battery and polymer Lithium battery, the Research covers many fields including material chemistry , AC&DC energy storage control system, structure technology and packing technology.
Company: KNX National Group Japan
Booth: E6-30

The demand for comfort and versatility in the management of e.g. air-conditioning, lighting and access control systems is growing.
In order to transfer data to all building management devices, a system is required that ensures that all components communicate via one common language: in short, a system such as the manufacturer and application domains independent KNX Bus.

Company: Krannich Solar K.K.
Booth: E33-24

Since 1995 Krannich Solar is the professional partner for the pv-installers and offers effective logistics, consulting services and one of the leading product and system portfolios in the photovoltaic sector. With 24 offices worldwide and over 300 employees, Krannich Solar is one of the leading system providers in the photovoltaic industry.
The office in Nagoya, Japan, offers local and technical support to the customers. Krannich Solar belongs to the original photovoltaic pioneers. Company owner Kurt Krannich has pursued a clear vision: that supplying 100% of energy from renewable sources is an achievable goal.

Booth: E36-34
LDK Solar is a leading vertically integrated manufacturer of photovoltaic (PV) products. LDK Solar manufactures polysilicon, mono and multicrystalline ingots, wafers, cells, modules, systems, power projects and solutions. LDK Solar has manufacturing facilities in Xinyu, Nanchang. As one of the fastest growing solar module providers in the world, LDK Solar has an established track record of delivering consistently high quality solar modules to our valued customers. We take pride in providing technologically advanced and reliable solar modules and our product line is led by our passion to design and deliver energy solutions that not only keep pace with global needs, but anticipate them as well.
Booth: E46-34
Ticker Symbol & Exchange: TWO: 6127

LEATEC Fine Ceramics Co., Ltd. was found in 1991 and headquartered in Pingjhen, Taiwan. The main product is chip alumina fine ceramics substrate only in the beginning, but LEATEC keep developing new products such as LED package substrate, Hybrid IC substrate and car-used electronic substrate for meeting customers' needs.
LEATEC engaged in Solar PV industry since year 2007. The main products are PV junction boxes, PV connectors, PV cable assemblies, smart junction box, and smart string monitor box, and most standard PV products of LEATEC(Logo: COYO) are TUV and UL dual certified. And also have PV cable PSE / S-JET certification.

Booth: E13-33
Combining 10 years of experience in extraction of different vegetables oils with centuries-old knowledge about natural paints, PAINT ECO has developed innovative natural wood treatments products based on natural Boiled Linseed Oil. PAINT ECO is the only manufacturer of natural boiled linseed oil, whitened boiled linseed oil, stain, paint, floor oil and waxes in the Baltic States. Company use specially selected flax seed with the best oil drying properties that are grown by Latvian farmers and are supplied directly to us.
Company: Manz AG
Booth: W32-42-e
Ticker Symbol & Exchange: FWB:M5Z

Manz AG based in Reutlingen, Germany, is a world-leading high-tech engineering company. Founded in 1987, Manz is one of the engineering pioneers in Li-ion battery manufacturing and serves the growing energy storage and e-mobility as well as the premium consumer electronics market.

In the field of battery production solutions, Manz is a leading supplier of lithium-ion cell and pack production equipment. Manz' involvement with lithium-based technology spans more than 25 years in engineering, development, and fabrication of production equipment for various cell shapes and sizes. Our services in this segment range from battery cell manufacturing (reel to cell) to the assembly of the individual cells into battery packs (cell to pack).

Booth: W15-66
M-FIELD provides green power solutions to clean and sustainable energy business. The company is based in Taiwan, a country with strong technology profiles. M-FIELD has had significant involvement in Fuel Cell technology for over ten years, primarily focused on stationary Fuel Cell System marketing and education. Due to the fossil fuel depletion and climate changes resulting from greenhouse gas emissions, M-FIELD is devoted to delivering the most cutting-edge Fuel Cell solutions that will help to replace the pollutant carbon economy with the hydrogen era, so that our children will be promised a better life in a green, more responsible future.
Company: Neware Technology Limited
Booth: W26-52
Since 1998, Neware has been committed to providing world-class battery testing equipment with large power output and high accuracy. We supply reliable and flexible testing equipment for more than 19,000 customers ranging from battery factories to R&D institutes all around the world.
Company: Pajarito Powder, LLC
Booth: W12-49

Pajarito Powder (PPC) brings affordable, high-performance, non-platinum and ultra low platinum loaded, “drop-in” fuel cell catalyst technology to the forefront. PPC's products are a fraction of platinum catalyst cost, as dramatic savings are realized both at initial acquisition, and during ongoing production since little to no reengineering is required.

PPC offers three key catalyst options – NPC-2000, NPC-1000, and soon-to-be-introduced PHC-3000. All represent significant cost savings over traditional options, and serve a range of applications.

PPC's patented technology is currently the only non-platinum, drop-in fuel cell catalyst being actively marketed. Its technology is based on a finely crafted blend of readily available substances, ensuring both consistent delivery and scalability.

Company: Power and Energy, Inc.
Booth: W12-47
Power and Energy, Inc. (P+E) an advanced hydrogen technology firm will be featuring it’s novel HEMS-M hydrogen quality analyzer. The HEMS series hydrogen analyzers provide automated, accurate, on-site measurement of trace impurities in hydrogen. The HEMS-M analyzer is configured to confirm compliance with SAE J-2719 / ISO 14687-2 standards for hydrogen purity for automotive fuel cells. The analyzer employs proprietary technology to concentrate the trace impurities resulting in ppb sensitivity from a multi-column, robust gas chromatograph. The analyzer operation is automated requiring minimal technician involvement. Operators can be trained quickly and require no advanced scientific education.
Company: REDKNEE Japan
Booth: E9-42 Canada Ontario Companies Pavillion
Ticker Symbol & Exchange: TSX:RKN

Redknee is the industry’s largest independent provider of real-time converged billing and charging solutions for monetizing todays’ digital economy.
Be ready to monetize digital services from communications to utility, smart meters, transportation, connected homes and vehicles, and other future businesses as the growing ecosystem of the Internet of Things (IoT) evolves.
Use real-time, interactive business and subscriber analytics to quickly define and launch targeted, differentiated campaigns via multiple channels and usage of Smart Loyalty points.

Booth: E45-32
RITEK Group was established in 1988. We had produced Taiwan's first CD, DVD, BD and OLED. It's the world's leading optical disc manufacturer with production and service outlets worldwide. RITEK also provided a lot of OEM services for famous Japanese brands for many decades, we engages in the development and production of Crystalline silicon PV modules, and obtained JET, TUV and UL certifications.
Company: Samon International Law Office
Booth: W4-9
Samon International Law office is run by the first Spanish lawyer registered in Japan. Our mission is to support our foreign clients to extend their business in Japan. We own extensive knowledge of international transaction, and we are providing legal services in English, Spanish and Japanese. We are backing up our clients comprehensively based on our knowledge and experiences of incorporation, M&A, business alliances, technology transfer, joint venture, etc.
Company: Sensus Japan
Booth: E2-33

Sensus is a leading clean technology solutions company offering smart meters, communication systems, software and services for the electric, gas, and water industries. Sensus technology helps utilities drive operational efficiency and customer engagement with applications that include advanced meter reading, data acquisition, demand response, distribution automation, home area networking and outdoor lighting control.
Sensus will be conducting a long range radio technology trial in Tokyo in 2015. Visit the Sensus booth at 5th International Smart Grid Expo to find out more about the trial and discover our next generation water smart meter.

Booth: W27-45
Shanghai Huxin Aluminum Foil Products Co.,Ltd.(SHAFP) formerly known as Alcoa Shanghai was established in Oct,2009. SHAFP is specialized in aluminum foil ranged in gauge from 0.0063mm to 0.2mm, widely used in food packaging, commodity packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, electronic products and other manufacturing industries. SHAFP is one of the shortest lead time suppliers in alu-foil industry.
Company: Shenzhen Nanotech Port Co.Ltd
Booth: W27-41
Established on April 25th 2001, Shenzhen Nanotech Port Co.Ltd(NTP),was the earliest high-tech enterprise engaged in carbon nanotube development and production. Relying on independent intellectual property rights of nanotechnology, NTP took the lead in realizing the industrialization of carbon nanotubes.
Booth: W25-29
SICHUAN GUORUN NEW MATERIALS CO.,LTD: Biggest producer of Lithium Hydroxide Monohydrate with the capacity of 15,000 mt one year( Sichuan plant and Jiangxi plant). Concentrating in one product, supplying different grades, meeting all applications.
Company: SolarEdge Technologies
Booth: E22-2
SolarEdge provides distributed electronics for PV systems, creating smart modules that produce more energy with module level MPPT, expand PV-installable space with allowing multiple facets or different direction panels in a same string, increase PV safety with moving to safe DC voltage automatically at emergency or maintenance and allow remote module level monitoring and fault analysis. The company’s technology maximizes power generation for residential, commercial and mega-solar and improves O&M. SolarEdge product portfolio includes power optimizers that are embedded at smart module or attached during installation by installers and optional safety monitoring interface for panel-level monitoring and safety/alert.
Company: Solar-Log Asia Pacific
Booth: E21-29

Solar-Log sets new global standards in integrated professional PV monitoring, smart energy and complete feed-in management.
Installers and service providers can now react immediately via remote trouble-shooting, setting and activation of various features, and flawless operation and maintenance. Owners and investors have round-the-clock access to all relevant yield and performance data.
Feed-in tariffs and other incentives are being reduced, while energy needs and costs continue to rise. Solar-Log can monitor and manage energy storage and optimized consumption of self-produced power, and even support grid operators to control output, regulate active/reactive power and therefore improve the stability of the grid.

Company: Tainergy Tech Co.,Ltd
Booth: E34-24
Ticker Symbol & Exchange: TSE: 4934

We are Taiwanese cell & module maker. Our factory is located in Taiwan, China and Vietnam. Cell capacity reaches 500MW, module capacity reaches 100MW. We are one of Kenmec group, our business production has production line/parking system/convey/EMS etc, we Kenmec group provide several service to the customer in all over the world. Tainergy has multi/mono cell & module, of course we can service OEM for you. Except for normal module, we display new development product. Welcome to Tainergy booth!

Booth: E47-23

HIUV are one of the largest EVA encapsulant manufacturers in the world. Our company headquarter base in Shanghai, China; there are three plants which locate in Shanghai and Baoding in China and Taiwan plant in Taichung, Taiwan.
HIUV focuses on R&D, produces high quality and cost effective EVA and backsheet materials in the solar industry, All of products have TUV or UL certification as required.

Booth: E3-32
Ticker Symbol & Exchange: TW: 2371
TATUNG Co. was established in 1918 and headquartered in Taipei. TATUNG holds 3 business groups, which include 6 business units such as Advanced Electronics BU, Appliances BU, Smart Grid BU, System Solutions BU, Industry Appliance BU, and Motor BU. To sustain strong and long-term growth, TATUNG focuses particularly on the development of advanced technologies and global network of operation. With its overseas branches expanding into 12 countries, TATUNG is in a solid position to deliver products and render customer services more effectively. TATUNG specializes in the ODM/OEM business and serves branded customers on a global basis.
Company: TreeSystems ltd - Ground Mounting
Booth: E28-27

Treesystem growsup from a revolutionary idea of fixing to the ground, an innovative anchoring principle (for which has been applied for international patent) for the current state of the art in the foundations. It reproduces the method by which trees cling and hold onto the ground.

For Ground PV-Mounting systems gives you the following advantages:

-Avoiding the concrete

-Avoiding marking the soil and the use of GPS

-NO use of ramming-machine or special equipments, an electropneumatichammer ONLY

-Applicability in presence of stones, livingrock or asphalt

-Fast&easy to install, NO skilled-labour required

-Much more reliable and performing than pile or screw-foundation

Booth: E13-10
We are a leader worldwide manufacturer in mounting systems for photovoltaic panels. Producing 100% of its structure components in metal and polymer thanks to our factory of 9000 m2 in Spain, divided in two manufacturing lines; metal forming and injection polymers plant. We design systems for roof, ground and floating, with a high quality and easy assembly that can make you earn up to 30%, being the only Spanish manufacturer present in Japan nowadays.
Booth: W29-56

WINA DONGBANG KOREA CO., LTD. is the Korea branch of Shandong WINA GREEN POWER CO., LTD., the subsidiary of Shandong TAIQI GROUP (Electric Vehicle Manufacture) in China.

WINA DONGBANG KOREA is a professional corporation in selling rechargeable batteries and LiFePO4 cells, packs and other batteries related with BMS. At the end of 2014, Wina had increased capacity to 300 million Ah by establishing more production lines. Compared with other batteries, LiFePO4 cell has a longer usage life and even under the temperature of -30℃ it can still keep stable discharging. Not as the same as lead acid batteries LiFePO4 cells have an environment-friendly feature and the danger coefficient to explode is not only much lower than Lithium-ion batteries but also has an affordable price. In the field of ESS, UPS, EV and other markets related to rechargeable batteries, there is a bright and wide spread use that is highly expected in the future. We are selling cells, packs and other batteries that related to BMS range from 10Ah to 100Ah. We will consider all your requirements to manufacture the products you order.

Company: Wuhan Fengfan Trading Co., Ltd.
Booth: W27-43

Wuhan Fengfan Trading Co., Ltd is a professional company exporting and importing a wide variety of products mainly including electroplating intermediates, additives, brighteners, surface treatment agents and fluorine-contained fine chemicals manufactured by its parent company, Wuhan Fengfan Chemicals Co., Ltd.
Two production base:1.Wuhan Sino-German Far East Fine Chemical specializes in the R&D, manufacturing and marketing of 1,3-PS, SPS, and PPS. 2.Hubei Hanxing New Chemical Material CO.,Ltd., specializes in the R&D, manufacturing and marketing of electroplating intermediates, additives, and fine chemicals including 1,4-BS , PUB and CHB.
We sincerely hope that our unremitting pursuits of excellence, success, and professionalism will add immense value to your products and development projects!

Company: Xiamen Goomax Energy Technology Co.,Ltd
Booth: E25-40
Goomax is a high-tech enterprise in the field of solar mounting systems with leading technology and excellent services in China. Specialized in solar mounting systems for many years, Goomax commits itself to provide customers with the most reliable and efficient solar solutions. In order to offer better and prompt services, we have set up a branch in Tokyo, Japan.
Booth: W30-50
Hangke Technologies is a manufacturer of Li-battery test equipment that integrates marketing, R&D, manufacturing and services. It was founded in 2011 and was originally Hangke Equipment Factory, Hangzhou Hangke Precision Equipment, and Hangzhou General Electrical Measurement.
Company: Zhejiang Jinkailai New Energy Technology Co.,Ltd
Booth: W26-48

Zhejiang Jinkailai New Energy Technology Co., Ltd is a professional lithium-ion battery manufacturer integrated service ranging from researching and developing, producing, packing, system integrating and sales.

We have advanced production and testing equipments, perfect technical personnel allocation. We establish the joint R&D centre for motive battery and engineering technology centre together with Zhejiang University of Technology. Our products are posted in the mid-to high-end customers, are applicable to large Electric Tools, Electric Bicycles, Electric Motorcycles, 100% Electric Low-speed Vehicles, Vehicle start-up power, Household Standby Power, Mobile Storage Base Station, UPS Power System and so on.


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The world’s leading B-to-B trade show for smart & renewable energy, attracting 1,580 exhibitors, 80,000 visitors, 16,000 conference attendees from 70 countries & regions. The show is composed of 9 specialized exhibitions gathering all kinds of technologies and products related to smart grid, rechargeable batteries, hydrogen & fuel cells, solar cell/modules, wind energy, electricity retailing, processing technologies and applications. Established as the key industry event of the year, professionals from all over Japan and the world utilize the show to conduct serious business, share ideas and build new connections. (Feb. 25-27, 2015/Tokyo Big Sight Japan)

About Business Wire

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Business Wire
Global Event Services Group
US. +1-310-820-9473
twitter: @tradeshownews


Business Wire
Global Event Services Group
US. +1-310-820-9473
twitter: @tradeshownews