Foxtrot Partners with JDA to Improve Forecasting Accuracy and Responsiveness

Leading Ukrainian retailer implements JDA software to improve revenues and customer service by understanding changing demand at the store level

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz.--()--JDA Software Group, Inc. today announced that Foxtrot — the largest retailer of consumer electronics and appliances in the Ukraine — is implementing JDA® Demand and JDA® Demand Classification to improve its ability to forecast at the store level. The new JDA solutions replace Foxtrot’s previous forecasting process, which was unable to consider specific consumer demand in each of the retailer’s 224 stores across the Ukraine.

Like most retailers, Foxtrot’s consumer demand is location specific across the network of stores, which have an average size of more than 290,000 square meters. As the company pursues sales growth, Foxtrot recognizes that it needs to forecast at the local level in order to have the right product mix in each store.

The new JDA solutions will significantly improve the efficiency, accuracy and responsiveness of Foxtrot’s current forecasting process. As the company achieves real-time demand transparency, its supply chain will be increasingly driven by actual shopper needs, allowing for a dynamic response capability.

“Prior to our implementation of JDA Demand and JDA Demand Classification, we had no instrument to dynamically assess the demand levels in each store as those levels changed,” said Ivan Stefoglov, Head of supply chain management at Foxtrot. “Because our forecasting process was based on semiautomatic processes and individuals’ expertise, it was time consuming, which limited our ability to respond quickly as shopper needs changed. With our new JDA solutions, we will be able to assess localized demand in a rapid, automated fashion, based on real-time data. Not only will the forecasting process be more efficient and more accurate, but we will be able to respond quickly to local demand shifts. We expect both revenues and shopper satisfaction to improve as a result.”

“As the largest retailer of consumer electronics and appliances in the Ukraine, Foxtrot operates in a segment that is particularly trend driven,” said Stanislav Krupnik, Country Manager at JDA. “As new products are launched and consumer needs change, Foxtrot needs to respond quickly across each of its 224 stores. JDA is delighted to partner with this leading retailer to position Foxtrot for revenue growth and continued market leadership.”

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JDA Software Group, Inc.
Ryan Mahoney, +1-857-305-8352
Senior Director, Corporate Communications


JDA Software Group, Inc.
Ryan Mahoney, +1-857-305-8352
Senior Director, Corporate Communications