The Evening Cigarette: An Original Webseries about Cigarette for the World Cancer Day

The Evening Cigarette, the new animated webseries for the World Cancer Day ! (Graphic: Business Wire).

PARIS--()--On the occasion of the World Cancer Day, The Evening Cigarette is an animated series that reminds with humor that "smoking kills".

10 silent one-minute episodes
10 very graphic pictures
10 mundane moments turning into the utter senselessness
10 funny but not so rosy situations, full of twists and turns.

"It has been 2 years since I quit smoking. I spent 20 years taking deep drags off my cigarette end, so I had to pay tribute to my good old friend: the evening cigarette. The one we are supposed to enjoy in calmness and serenity when the phone stops ringing, the children are asleep and the washing-up is done ; in a nutshell: the coolest cigarette of the day… Except that it is still a cigarette and it is just as dangerous as any other cigarette." Matthieu Van Eeckhout – Director


In each episode, the frame is the same: a sequence-shot, a smoker, a sunset. The gesture is also the same: the smoker carelessly throws his cigarette end, still smoking... There follows inevitably a brutal death.
A short preventive message is displayed at the end of each episode in 5 languages.

- 1.3 billion people smoke worldwide.
- Tobacco kills one person every 6 seconds.

A webseries coproduced by :

Fablabchannel – Transmedia Creation : production of series, YouTube Channel edition and Channel Management.
France Télévisions – First group of french public channels.
With La Ligue contre le cancer - First independent association funder of research against cancer.


France Télévisions :
Antoine Allard, + (33) 1 56 22 29 47


France Télévisions :
Antoine Allard, + (33) 1 56 22 29 47