From Snowden to Sony: Wickr Talks Security Trends in Communication

Wickr Launches Wickr Timed Feed (WTF) to Enable Protected Photo Sharing Integrated with Facebook

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SAN FRANCISCO--()--From Snowden to Sony, the news is full of revelations about who really has access to the information we share online. But the biggest threat doesn’t come from sophisticated hackers or the NSA – it’s the data brokers watching our every move to collect and sell personal information. The worst part? We’re the ones giving up that information when we agree to complex privacy policies and terms of service.

Private communication is a universal human right that is vital to a strong social system. Today, privacy is almost nonexistent. Our literacy of privacy hasn’t kept pace with changing technology, and as a result, we often unknowingly grant companies access to our personal data through many of the apps and services we use every day.

Wickr, the app that protects your private communications, is working to change that by bringing its spy-grade encryption technology to your newsfeed. Through Wickr Timed Feed (WTF), Wickr is helping users take back ownership of their digital footprint.

About Wickr App

Wickr is a free app enabling anyone to send private text, picture, audio, video and file messages for free to other Wickr users in almost every country in the world. Wickr syncs messages across Apple and Android mobile devices and Mac, PC and Linux computers. Unlike all other messaging apps, Wickr does not own your conversations and pictures you share through the app. Wickr is ad free and collects no information on you. You chose how long and where your messages and pictures live.

About Wickr Time Feed

Wickr Timed Feed (WTF) is a new private, secure social network built directly into the Wickr app, enabling users to create a picture news feed that disappears within 24 hours. Users can even post photos on Facebook while keeping them hidden from strangers. Using a classic spy technique called steganography, anyone who you don’t want to view your Facebook photos will see cute little kitty cats in place of your personal photos.

About Wickr

The Wickr team is made up of security and privacy experts who strongly believe private communications is a universal human right that is extremely important to a strong social system. Private communications worldwide will enable evolution instead of revolution. We are proud to make an app that is successfully used by the most prominent human rights activists in the world as the official app of the Oslo Freedom Forum. Wickr is strong enough to fight dictators and fun enough to be used by kids every day. Wickr has completed four public security audits to date, receiving all perfect scores from Veracode, Stroz Friedberg, iSEC Partners and Aspect Security.

Venture luminaries Gilman Louie and Jim Breyer serve on the Wickr Board of Directors with cofounder and CEO Nico Sell. Strategic investors include CME Group, Juniper Networks, Knight Foundation, Wargaming and Dolby Family Ventures. Investors and advisors include crypto masters Paul Kocher and White Diffie; former US Cyber Czars Richard Clarke, Jerry Dixon and Amit Yoran; famous hackers Dan Kaminsky and Jeff Moss; and business veterans Michele Burns, Daniel Loeb, Sam Palmisano, Eric Prince and Thomas Tull.

Wickr was founded in 2011. Secret headquarters are in San Francisco, CA. More information is available at and

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SutherlandGold Group for Wickr
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