New Technology Enables Success in Outcome-Based Behavioral Healthcare

AiR Healthcare Solutions helps patients receive the best level of care at the best possible cost

ST. PAUL, Minn.--()--Delivering effective behavioral healthcare has long represented a challenge for both care providers and payers. Readmission rates are high—aggravated by a lack of rigorous data about which treatments are most effective, and a lack of resources to provide ongoing support for patients in crisis. This strains the resources of healthcare facilities, drives up costs for payers, and prevents patients from recovering to their full potential.

AiR Healthcare Solutions was founded to address these complex and interrelated problems for each of the “3 Ps” in the equation—payers, providers and patients. Under the AiR model, a two-pronged approach helps improve behavioral healthcare outcomes and reduce costs:

  • Patients receive support from experienced clinical case managers to help them stay on the path to wellness over their continuum of treatment. Care is coordinated between different providers, clinical settings and long-term maintenance.
  • Patent-pending software is used to collect data and guide decisions throughout all stages of treatment and follow-up. This technology helps clinicians provide dynamic management of patient care and utilization of resources, and gives both payers and providers access to the analytics they need to improve.

AiR’s AiRCare™ software is the key to its effectiveness, providing care coordination technology that assures payers that patients will receive the best level of care at the best possible cost.

The situationally-aware algorithms built into the software are based on years of experience in behavioral healthcare, so each data point that is entered guides the clinician to the optimal next step for the patient. The software’s scalability means that it can be applied in both large and small care settings. The system also gives providers private-labeled outcomes data, enabling them to demonstrate results to payers.

AiR’s system helps take human error out of the process and drives continuous success in outcomes. It also enables a lower cost initial treatment assignment, but never subjects patients to sub-optimal care for the sake of cost management. By combining the human touch with data-gathering and analysis, AiR Healthcare Solutions improves resource utilization, lowers costs, and keeps patients on the road to wellness.

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About AiR Healthcare Solutions
AiR Healthcare Solutions benefits patients, providers and payers in the behavioral health field by combining clinical case management with data collection and analytics. This scalable approach helps more patients get well and stay well at a lower cost. For more information, visit, and follow us on Twitter: @AiRHealthCare.


Karwoski & Courage for AiR Healthcare Solutions
Emily Wozniak, 612-342-9635

Release Summary

AiR Healthcare Solutions improves behavioral healthcare outcomes while reducing costs by combining clinical case management with data collection and analytics.


Karwoski & Courage for AiR Healthcare Solutions
Emily Wozniak, 612-342-9635