SohoStar Announces The Red PillTM at CES

2015 International CES:The SohoStar Corporation
2015 International CES

LAS VEGAS--()--The SohoStar Corporation of Palmer Lake, Colorado, on the floor of the Las Vegas 2015 Consumer Electronics Show, is proud to announce their first consumer product called “The Red Pill™.”

The Red Pill™ is an information appliance – a mini-server that connects to your Internet modem or router and becomes your bridge to your private hive networking and a gateway to secure global services and information.

Hive Networking is a SohoStar concept that applies a trust level and access control to your social and business networking associations. The Red Pill™ enables “Pill-to-Pill” communications, moving your 3rd party stored content: posts, pictures, messages, VoIP, etc – out of the cloud and up to your own protected space, provided by your device.

The Red Pill™ is enabled by recent breakthroughs in embedded processors but most importantly by Advanced Intelligent Network Corporation's DAVID (patent pending) operating system. DAVID is a real-time operating system tailor-made for home networking as a protected Internet gateway with an active cyber-defense system and enabled for home and business energy management control for the “Internet of Things” especially with a stored program size of less than 256Kbytes. DAVID fits into the controller and smallest of controlled devices.

SohoStar's services and products enable a new experience in communications offering DRM publication and distribution, a digital wallet and protected storage, unified messaging, webpage hosting, home IOT management, and content streaming all in a device the size of a russet potato.

SohoStar's first production run is being funded through Indiegogo where patrons can support SohoStar's development (

With over 70,000 man-hours invested in the technology, David Roland, president of SohoStar and Advanced Intelligent Networks Corporation, believes this enables a paradigm shift in communications, ”The technology of Hive Networking changes the way you earn, entertain, employ, educate, and are empowered. It's not evolution but a (R)evolution.”

SohoStar's products in development include a 30mbit wireless modem with a 5 mile range – perfect for rural and under developed nations, micro-cellular VoIP phones, set-top boxes, smartTVs, tablets and IOT devices. SohoStar's market is a global focus with devices designed to be affordable for all countries.

Roland says, “Everyone deserves digital communications. It's not about what the market will tolerate but doing the right thing to serve the user with innovative technology, superior quality, and affordable products.”


The SohoStar Corporation
Suzanne Peterson, 303-309-1432

Release Summary

SohoStar's Red Pill™ is an information appliance/mini-server that connects to your Internet modem and becomes your bridge to your private hive networking and a gateway to secure global services.


The SohoStar Corporation
Suzanne Peterson, 303-309-1432