TRADE NEWS: Keysight Technologies Introduces First Mainstream Oscilloscopes With Capacitive Touch Screens, Zone Triggering

Intuitive Graphical Triggering Helps Engineers Solve Problems Faster, Improve Productivity

SANTA ROSA, Calif.--()--Keysight Technologies, Inc. (NYSE:KEYS) today introduced InfiniiVision 3000T X-Series digital-storage and mixed signal oscilloscopes with intuitive graphical triggering capability. This new oscilloscope series delivers capacitive touch screens and zone triggering to the mainstream oscilloscope market for the first time. The scopes help engineers overcome usability and triggering challenges and improve their problem-solving capability and productivity.

As digital speeds and device complexity continue to increase, signals under test are getting more complex, and engineers are more challenged to isolate anomalies in their devices. Intuitive graphical triggers, previously unavailable in mainstream oscilloscopes, help engineers debug and characterize their cutting-edge devices faster and more easily. With graphical triggers, engineers can use a finger to draw a box around a signal of interest on the instrument display to create a trigger.

The new oscilloscope series offers upgradable bandwidths from 100 MHz to 1.0 GHz and several benchmark features in addition to the touch screen interface and graphical zone triggering capability. An uncompromised update rate of one million waveforms per second gives engineers visibility into subtle signal details. The series comes with six-instruments-in-one integration, including oscilloscope functionality, digital channels (MSO), protocol analysis capability, a digital voltmeter, a WaveGen function/arbitrary waveform generator, and an 8-digit hardware counter/totalizer. Finally, the 3000T X-Series delivers correlated frequency and time domain measurements using the gated FFT function for the first time in this class, to address emerging measurement challenges.

“These new scopes give engineers using mainstream oscilloscopes an uncompromised ability to find and isolate the most difficult problems in their designs,” said Dave Cipriani, vice president and general manager of Keysight’s Oscilloscope and Protocol Division. “Design-for-touch operation improves their debugging efficiency. Mixed-domain analysis capabilities with time-correlated frequency/time domain measurements, six-in-one integration and a rich set of advanced features accelerate their problem solving.”

The 3000T X-Series was designed specifically for operation with a capacitive touch screen, which allows engineers to select targets naturally and quickly. To further improve productivity, the interface includes an alphanumeric touchpad that replaces tedious knob-based operation and touch-based interaction that enables greater flexibility in displaying measurement information.

With the series’ uncompromised high-speed waveform update rate, even with the digital channel, protocol decode, measurements and math functions turned on and simplicity of zone touch triggering, engineers have the highest probability of discovering anomalies of interest.

The 3000T X-Series supports a wide range of popular and emerging serial bus applications: MIL-STD 1553 and ARINC 429, I2S, CAN/CAN-FD/CAN-Symbolic, LIN, SENT, FlexRay, RS232/422/485/UART and I2C/SPI. The new gated FFT function allows engineers to correlate time and frequency domain phenomenon on a single screen. Finally, the power analysis, video analysis and hardware-based mask test option makes the 3000T X-Series a comprehensive mainstream oscilloscope.

The InfiniiVision 3000T X-Series includes 100-MHz, 200-MHz, 350-MHz, 500-MHz and 1-GHz models. The standard configuration for all models includes 4 Mpts of memory, segmented memory, advanced math and 500-MHz passive probes.

U.S. Pricing and Availability

Keysight InfiniiVision 3000T X-Series oscilloscopes are available today starting at $3,350.

Product number   Bandwidth   Channels   Price ($)
DSOX3012T   100 MHz   Two analog   3,350
DSOX3014T   100 MHz   Four analog   3,990
DSOX3022T   200 MHz   Two analog   3,990
DSOX3024T   200 MHz   Four analog   4,450
DSOX3032T   350 MHz   Two analog   6,900
DSOX3034T   350 MHz   Four analog   8,300
DSOX3052T   500 MHz   Two analog   8,750
DSOX3054T   500 MHz   Four analog   11,200
DSOX3102T   1 GHz   Two analog   10,500
DSOX3104T   1 GHz   Four analog   13,900
MSOX3012T   100 MHz   Two analog plus 16 digital   4,850
MSOX3014T   100 MHz   Four analog plus 16 digital   5,490
MSOX3022T   200 MHz   Two analog plus 16 digital   5,490
MSOX3024T   200 MHz   Four analog plus 16 digital   5,950
MSOX3032T   350 MHz   Two analog plus 16 digital   8,400
MSOX3034T   350 MHz   Four analog plus 16 digital   9,800
MSOX3052T   500 MHz   Two analog plus 16 digital   10,250
MSOX3054T   500 MHz   Four analog plus 16 digital   12,700
MSOX3102T   1 GHz   Two analog plus 16 digital   12,000
MSOX3104T   1 GHz   Four analog plus 16 digital   15,400

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Keysight Technologies, Inc.
Janet Smith, +1 970-679-5397 (Americas)
Twitter: @KeysightJSmith
Sarah Calnan, +44 (118) 927 5101 (Europe)
Connie Wong, +852 3197-7818 (Asia)