NEC Biometric Solution Selected by San Bernardino and Riverside Cal-ID to Upgrade and Modernize Identification Services

Integra-ID 5 MBIS solution expands agency capabilities

IRVING, Texas--()--NEC Corporation of America (NEC), a leading technology integrator of advanced IT, networking, communications, and multimodal biometric solutions, today announced that its Integra-ID 5 was selected by the Cal-ID units of San Bernardino and Riverside Counties (SB/RV), California, to upgrade and modernize the existing identification, biometrics and forensics capabilities of the two counties. The Integra-ID 5 is NEC’s latest Multi-Modal Biometrics Identification Solution (MBIS) which expands SB/RV’s current AFIS functionality to the most modern technology available - a biometric solution that integrates a host of forensic tools including fingerprint, palm-print, and facial recognition.

The implementation of the NEC solution is in adherence to the FBI’s Electronic Biometric Transmission Standard (EBTS) version 10, 1000 ppi resolution, business continuity and disaster recovery, with provisions for future biometric modalities, as well as industry-leading products delivering built-in protection of technology investments.

“We are pleased to renew and extend our partnership with NEC,” said Lt. Robert O’Brine, Cal-ID Manager for the San Bernardino Sheriff’s Office. “In addition to offering us a secure upgrade path, NEC provided us with a long-term vision and compelling leading technology that would meet our needs for geographic distribution, scalability, resiliency, interoperability, service orientation, and advanced security technologies.”

Superior accuracy, ease of use, centralized system management and interoperability are key differentiators of the NEC solution. Particularly, seamless interoperability with single-encoding of latent inquiries would allow SB/RV access to nearly 50 million records from neighboring counties, California Department of Justice, Western Identification Network and Las Vegas Metro PD.

“We appreciate the renewed trust demonstrated to us by the selection of our solution and we are pleased to partner with the San Bernardino and Riverside Counties again,” said Raffie Beroukhim, vice president, Biometrics Solutions Division, NEC Corporation of America. “We look forward to providing them with advanced biometrics and identification technologies for years to come.”

The NEC Integra-ID 5 MBIS solution is part of NEC’s Building Safer Cities platform¹, which is a smart technology approach that maximizes all facets of installed programs. Smart technology found in NEC biometric devices and software are impacting not only public safety and forensic applications in cities and government, but are being brought to a wider market through NEC’s Solutions for Society initiative, which is being embraced by retail, entertainment and other industries for customer enhancement benefits.

¹ NEC’s Safer Cities concept supports the growing safety and security vision to merge the traditional law enforcement areas of biometric-based identity management and forensic investigation with video surveillance, security access control, and disaster management.

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NEC Corporation of America
Frank Puglia, 214-262-3767

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NEC Corporation of America (NEC), announced that it was selected by the Cal-ID units of San Bernardino / Riverside Counties (SB/RV), California, to upgrade their biometric and forensics capabilities


NEC Corporation of America
Frank Puglia, 214-262-3767