New Augmented Reality Smart Glasses System From Osterhout Design Group to Be Unveiled at CES 2015

Delivers Mobile Computing in a Five Ounce, Wayfarer Sunglasses Style

Provides Ultimate Hands Free, High-Definition, 3D Entertainment, Communications, Information and Navigation Experience

ODG's new consumer-oriented AR Smart Glasses system, unveiled at CES 2015. Coming soon. (Photo: Business Wire)

2015 International CES

SAN FRANCISCO--()--Head worn computing and augmented reality (AR) in a form more readily adoptable by the everyday consumer came closer today as Osterhout Design Group (ODG) unveiled a consumer-oriented version of its Smart Glasses system featuring new proprietary optical and electronic configurations that enable a sleeker, lighter style. ODG also unveiled a prototype device featuring this new system. Modeled on one of the most popular sunglasses styles in history, the Wayfarer, it weighs just 125 grams and delivers similar functions as ODG’s R-6 family of Smart Glasses for Government and Enterprise and will support the Qualcomm® Vuforia™ mobile vision platform, a product of Qualcomm Connected Experiences, Inc. The first product featuring this new system is expected in 2015 with target prices ranging below $1000.

ODG has spent six years developing AR Smart Glasses, working with customers in the government arena and corporate partners to build, refine and advance its technology. ODG’s founder, Ralph Osterhout, was the designer of the PVS7 Night Vision Goggles and heads-up displays in scuba masks. The introduction of these Consumer glasses is a passion realized for him in the Smart Eyewear category.

“Our Smart Glasses are proving their worth in some of the world’s toughest environments and we look forward to bringing our innovative technology closer to everyday consumers,” said Ralph Osterhout, CEO and Founder of Osterhout Design Group. “At ODG, we're working to change the world of computing by changing the way we interact, connect, and explore information, and I am happy to introduce the next step on this journey.”

“Consumers today are very sophisticated and have come to expect a high degree of utility and entertainment from their technology,” said Pete Jameson, COO of Osterhout Design Group. “Our intention is to deliver a state-of-the-art system in a consumer-friendly form that you can wear to do specific things your laptop, phone or tablet can’t, such as work privately on an airplane or train, watch 3D movies on a large screen in bright sunlight, play interactive 3D games, or obtain heads-up line-of-sight directions or instructions while keeping your hands free and your eyes engaged in your environment.”

ODG’s Smart Glasses allow users to do everything they do with a tablet, with 3D graphics overlaid and in a true, hands free format. Packed with positional sensors, the Glasses know where you are, where you’re looking, and how you’re moving, enabling precise AR and exciting VR experiences. ODG’s ReticleOS™ operating system uses Android and can easily run any existing Android-based application. ODG is also working with developers to create new and unique experiences that utilize and maximize the devices’ advanced capabilities.

ODG will be showcasing their Smart Glasses at CES 2015 in the Augmented Reality Pavilion in the Sands Hallway, booth SV-6.

About Osterhout Design Group

San Francisco based Osterhout Design Group (ODG) was founded in 1999 as a technology incubator and today is focused on revolutionizing wearable technologies and developing innovative and sophisticated situational awareness, security and first-responder solutions for government, enterprise and ultimately, consumer markets. For more information, visit:

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Release Summary

ODG will be unveiling a consumer-oriented AR/VR Smart Glasses system at the 2015 International CES and showcasing their existing R-6 family of Smart Glasses for Government and Enterprise customers.


Osterhout Design Group
Lucy Neugart, 415-825-0697