AMPL Labs to Unveil New SmartBackpack for Connected Consumers

World’s most advanced portable charging system integrated into fabric of bag

The AMPL SmartBackpack is the first to integrate smart electronics into the fabric of the bag and uses sensors to communicate charging levels and more to a dedicated app. (Photo: Business Wire)

2015 International CES

SAN DIEGO--()--AMPL Labs is introducing a powerful solution for consumers worried about their mobile devices running out of power while on the go: the AMPL SmartBackpack, the first to integrate smart electronics seamlessly into the fabric of the bag.

The SmartBackpack provides consumers with an advanced mobile charging system that also protects portable electronic devices with shock absorbing dampers and a rain-resistant coating. Plus, its SmartSensors communicate battery charge levels and sensor info to the dedicated AMPL Mobile App.

The backpack will make its debut at the 2015 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, January 6-9.

“Our research shows that 85 percent of consumers surveyed worry about their portable electronics running out of power at least once a week,” said Michael Patton, CEO of AMPL Labs. “We’re developing our SmartBackpack from the inside out—emphasizing design and engineering—to address their needs and empower them.”

The charging system is comprised of seven USB connections, an internal 18.5 watt-hour (Wh) battery that can recharge a smartphone 2-3 times, and supports up to three optional modular SmartBatteries. The SmartBatteries come in two sizes: TabletBoost (which supplies another 18.5Whs and can charge a smartphone and tablet simultaneously) and LaptopBoost (which adds 55Whs and can charge most laptops directly or through the optional SmartInverter module with an AC outlet, sold separately).

AMPL SmartBatteries feature fast-charging technology which monitors conditions inside the battery in real-time and adjusts the charging rate accordingly. This intelligent adaptive charging enables them to recharge more than twice as fast as traditional Li-Ion batteries, while also doubling their expected lifetime by reducing degradation caused while charging.

The electronics and SmartSensors that form the brains of the system reside in a scratch-resistant molded nylon shell on the front of the bag, which also houses an OLED display and touch controls for quick access to system vitals.

The backpack, which recently won two 2015 CES Innovation Awards, communicates via Bluetooth LE with the AMPL Mobile App, allowing consumers to manage the charging-priority of their devices, check battery levels, internal zone temperatures, drop forces, weather conditions, or even be alerted if they’ve forgotten their bag.

It will be available this summer starting at $299. Expansion SmartBatteries will be available at $59 for a TabletBoost, or $139 for a LaptopBoost (or $179 with the SmartInverter).


David Migdal, 844-267-5522 x706

Release Summary

The AMPL SmartBackpack, which debuts at the Consumer Electronics Show next week, is designed for on-the-go consumers looking to keep their portable electronics, mobile devices, and laptops powered up.


David Migdal, 844-267-5522 x706