Austin Startup Launches Restaurant Bigwig 2.0, an Entrepreneurship Fantasy Game for the iPad

AUSTIN, Texas--()--Gary Hoover, CEO of Bigwig Games, today announced the launch of Restaurant Bigwig 2.0 for the iPad. The realistic restaurant empire building game brings to life a business idea that was invented by Hoover over 40 years ago. Hoover founded BOOKSTOP (bought by Barnes & Noble) and Hoover’s business information company (bought by Dun & Bradstreet).

Restaurant Bigwig 2.0 gives players an understanding of the restaurant industry, running restaurants, and managing profit & revenues. From opening fast food burger restaurants to slowly developing great Italian fine dining palaces, the player makes all the decisions.

The game received a warm reception with early players, getting 5 out of 5 stars in the Apple App Store, and the company is seeing strong engagement with players. Hoover said, “We have players in 203 cities in 32 countries. Our average play time of 39 minutes indicates the engagement level of the game. Players range from 9 years old to 70. Most players have already played between 5 and 50 times.”

Restaurant Bigwig 2.0 is the first of a planned 100 industry related games for Bigwig Games. The company’s games use the real data and dynamics of each industry they model.

Product Features

  • Build your restaurant empire of fine dining, family restaurants, and fast food places.
  • Play games with your friends in pass around mode.
  • Improve your experience, competing against bots with different skill levels.
  • See and share your picture and your company results in the annual newspaper.
  • A game for strategy gamers and business enthusiasts!
  • Compete on Apple Game Center leaderboards with your top scores.
  • Win best restaurant awards or lose revenues on bad health inspection reports.
  • Over 119 variables for player strategy, with several new twists.

Try this fun and exciting game for thinking people of all ages, now in the App Store – through December 31st, the $7.99 game is on sale at an introductory price of $2.99, a savings of 62%.

Play Hard and Prosper!

Bigwig Games, based in Austin, Texas, is the brainchild of Gary Hoover, serial entrepreneur. The company’s goal is to simulate virtually every industry, even elections, ultimately in an integrated global virtual economy.

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Bigwig Games
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Release Summary

Bigwig Games, of Austin, Texas, launches Restaurant Bigwig 2.0 for the iPad. The entrepreneurship fantasy game for the iPad is the first of a planned 100 industry related games.


Bigwig Games
Dave Stanwick, 661-532-8318