Wren’s “First Kiss” Overtakes World Cup Campaigns as The Most Viewed Campaign of 2014

Average Viewership of Top Ten Campaigns Increased to 83.4 Million Views, Driven by Popular Content from Samsung, Nike, Always, Dove, and Budweiser, Among Others

BOSTON--()--Visible Measures, the leader in Content Advertising, today announced the release of its list of the top ten most watched campaigns of 2014.

Wren, a small fashion brand, surprised the industry by producing the most viewed campaign of 2014, overshadowing World Cup campaigns from Nike and Samsung. “First Kiss,” an unbranded video showing the first kisses between ten sets of strangers, garnered a True Reach® of 156.6 million views, 23.1 million views more than last year’s top campaign, Dove’s “Real Beauty Sketches.” The apparel brand’s campaign is one of only 19 campaigns to ever surpass 100 million views.

“Branded video is well established as an important component of the marketing arsenal. As media continues to fragment, advertiser content like branded video, which draws viewers in with engaging stories, is a brand’s greatest hope in the battle for consumer attention,” said Mallory Russell, video expert and director of content at Visible Measures. “In 2014, brands won consumer attention with content that drew heavily on emotion, like Wren’s ‘First Kiss.’”

Overall, the average viewership of the top ten branded video campaigns increased from 69.4 million views in 2013 to 83.4 million views in 2014. And while emotional storytelling may have been the theme of 2014, several key trends drove this increase in average viewership among the top ten campaigns.

One key trend that contributed to the rise in viewership among the top ten campaigns this year was the spectacular success of the World Cup, which was the biggest video event of all time, generating 671.6 million views for World Cup focused campaigns from the beginning of 2014 to the end of the tournament. Four of the top ten campaigns from 2014 were from the World Cup – “Risk Everything” and “The Last Game” both from Nike, Samsung’s “Galaxy 11: The Training” and adidas’ “The Dream.”

This breakthrough performance is a departure from the 2010 World Cup when major brands were just starting to grasp for consumer attention through targeted branded video campaigns. Just four short years later – after those brands experienced key learnings from events like the Olympics and the Super Bowl in the U.S. – they were ready to make a big splash with more compelling and highly evocative video campaigns. This decision paid off handsomely: the average World Cup campaign nearly tripled the average viewership of a branded video campaign in 2013.

Another key trend that fueled viewership this year was female empowerment, as two of the top ten campaigns – Always’ “#LikeAGirl” and Dove’s “Patches” – leveraged this messaging to attract millions of viewers. Dove has successfully preached empowerment and self-acceptance to women for the past ten years, with its “Campaign for Real Beauty” ads. The success of last year’s “Real Beauty Sketches” showed how potent and enduring female-focused content could be and other brands have followed suit, including Always, Pantene, Under Armour, Hello Flo, and GoldieBlox, among others.

“Female empowerment messages work for two key reasons: they elicit emotion from viewers, while stirring debate around timely issues both in the media and on social platforms,” said Russell. “Emotion is what engages viewers and inspires them to share content with their friends, while debate is what generates media coverage, social buzz, and, ultimately, increased viewership.”

Along with the most viewed campaigns of 2014, Visible Measures also ranked the most viewed brands and agencies of the year, using their MRC accredited True Reach metric – renowned as the gold standard of online video viewership measurement and used by Ad Age, The Wall Street Journal, along with leading brands, advertising agencies, and publishers. True Reach provides the most accurate and reliable way to quantify video views associated with viral videos by measuring the viewership of brand-syndicated videos, as well as associated user-uploaded copies and derivatives, across hundreds of the web’s most visited video sites.

Listed below are the top ten most viewed branded video campaigns, brands, and advertising agencies of 2014:*

Top Ten Most Viewed Campaigns of 2014

1. Wren’s “First Kiss”: True Reach of 156,670,932 views
2. Nike’s “Risk Everything”: True Reach of 138,929,384 views
3. Nike’s “The Last Game”: True Reach of 122,249,570 views
4. Samsung’s “Galaxy 11 The Training”: True Reach of 78,130,824 views
5. Always’ “#LikeAGirl”: True Reach of 60,281,400 views
6. Turkish Airlines’ “#EpicFood”: True Reach of 59,549,152 views
7. Budweiser’s “Puppy Love”: True Reach of 59,074,980 views
8. Dove’s “Patches”: True Reach of 58,645,812 views
9. Samsung’s “Official Introduction”: True Reach of 52,692,263 views
10. adidas’ “The Dream”: True Reach of 47,828,815 views

Top Ten Most Viewed Brands of 2014

1. Samsung: True Reach of 589,527,519 views
2. Nike: True Reach of 466,178,799 views
3. Google: True Reach of 337,449,360 views
4. adidas: True Reach of 218,034,065 views
5. Wren: True Reach of 156,670,932 views
6. YouTube: True Reach of 123,189,083 views
7. Budweiser: True Reach 117,341,809 views
8. Metro Trains Melbourne: True Reach 116,908,271 views
9. Coca-Cola: True Reach of 113,348,421 views
10. Dove: True Reach of 105,632,863 views

Top Ten Most Viewed Advertising Agencies of 2014

1. Wieden + Kennedy Portland: True Reach of 469,692,300 views
2. BBDO New York : True Reach of 190,741,939 views
3. Krowd: True Reach of 156,670,932 views
4. 72andSunny: True Reach of 150,948,675 views
5. McCann Melbourne: True Reach of 113,341,054 views
6. Cheil Worldwide: True Reach of 106,379,427 views
7. BETC Paris: True Reach of 96,848,885 views
8. Anomaly: True Reach of 94,572,147 views
9. Adam&eveDDB London: True Reach of 87,566,044 views
10. Ogilvy & Mather Brazil: True Reach of 67,985,932 views

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*Top Ten Lists are current as of December 1, 2014

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Media Contact:
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