IONU Security Delivers the Next Generation of Transparent SecurityTM and Integrated Multi-Vendor, Secure Cloud File Sharing Capabilities

IONU’s revolutionary approach to transparent, file-level encryption allows companies to leverage the commoditization of the cloud storage

LONGMONT, Colo.--()--IONU Security Inc., the worldwide leader in Transparent Security, today unveiled the next generation of its Transparent Security technology and the IONU Pro app, which adds secure and integrated, multi-vendor cloud file storage and sharing capabilities to IONU’s industry-leading security applications.

The Cloud Storage Price Wars Create Opportunity

Recent price wars have made cloud storage a commodity. This is giving users access to large amounts of free storage and companies the ability to purchase storage at very low rates, which will only continue to go down. IONU Pro delivers integrated support for leading 3rd party cloud file sharing and storage services including Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive and Amazon S3. This allows the secure storage and sharing of files across these leading cloud service providers, while ensuring that all of this done while being truly secure.

“The fact that cloud storage is becoming commoditized is a great thing for IONU users,” said Kenn Perry, Chief Operating officer for IONU. “With our Transparent Encryption technology, people can combine the low cost storage provided by 3rd party cloud service providers and create their own secure private cloud. Companies using our solutions are able to obtain the best price on cloud storage while creating a secure multi-tiered cloud storage and file sharing strategy.”

IONU Takes Security “Mainstream”

Until now, tools available to users for securing their data have been complex and difficult to manage. IONU’s approach to Transparent Security provides a truly simplified framework that allows users to use their existing applications and workflows to protect or send files securely without having any experience with encryption techniques or needing to create, exchange or interact with keys, issues that have plagued previous encryption approaches. IONU Pro allows users and organizations to protect and share information securely, while increasing productivity and enabling compliance to the increasing regulatory oversight focused on protecting consumer information from data breaches. In addition, this approach is perfect for addressing the onslaught of breaches that SMBs are faced with today.

Transparent EncryptionTM allows users to protect their files by simply “dragging and dropping” them into the IONU app, with all of the underlying encryption occurring “transparently.” Users can also drag and drop files onto remote drives, including USB flash drives and mapped network drives, for secure storage and sharing. IONU’s Cloud SyncTM technology allows files to be automatically synchronized across a user’s devices so that files can be accessed securely from anywhere at anytime. IONU Pro users can send secure email attachments via standard email tools such as Outlook, Thunderbird and Apple Mail, and web-based email providers like Google, Yahoo and AOL. In addition, user’s can also share protected files using InvisiMessageTM, IONU Pro’s integrated secure messaging platform.

“IONU’s apps are powerful, easy to use and coming to market at the perfect time,” said Tom Bartel, Chief Operations and Privacy Officer for BounceIO. “The capabilities that IONU is bringing to market are perfect for individuals; SMBs and corporate enterprises looking to securely share files, maximize 3rd-party cloud services. Security and encryption tools have historically been complex - IONU makes it easy for everyone, while increasing organizational productivity.”

Secure Managed Networks

IONU Pro supports the creation of Secure Managed Networks. Secure Managed Networks allow companies to create a highly secure dynamic set of users while providing centralized user management and administration. Secure Managed Networks enable collaboration of users both within and outside of a company’s domain, which is essential in supporting multi-vendor B2B partnerships and supply-chain requirements that define the nature of business today.

IONU’s Security Management Console’s centralized administration capabilities allow organizations to easily manage users and devices, monitor and log user activity and implement and administer policies within the network. Additional administration capabilities include file access permissions, group file sharing permissions, user device enablement and disablement and device and account deletion. Equally important, IONU’s “Download, Enroll and GO!” deployment method makes it easy for users to gain access to the power of the IONU apps and for the policies and procedures that help ensure PCI, FERPA and HIPAA compliance to be implemented without impacting user productivity.


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About IONU Security, Inc.

IONU is the worldwide leader in Transparent Security™ and is delivering an integrated suite of secure mobile applications, desktop security applications, cloud-based file sharing, cloud-based storage and global administration capabilities. IONU’s solutions simultaneously address the security and data management focus of leading IT departments, while also providing the productivity benefits required by the user community.

IONU is allowing individuals, healthcare organizations and corporate enterprises to communicate privately and share and store files completely securely – no matter where that file travels throughout its lifecycle, even when being stored in the 3rd party cloud services, where security is often of concern.


IONU Security Inc.
Mike Weir, 303-532-4736 “2”
Director of Marketing

Release Summary

IONU’s revolutionary approach to transparent, file-level encryption allows companies to leverage the commoditization of the cloud storage.


IONU Security Inc.
Mike Weir, 303-532-4736 “2”
Director of Marketing