Corporate Resource Services Executives Appear with Hall of Fame Quarterback Dan Marino on The James Altucher Show

Seasonal Demand for 2014 Holiday Season Up 20% Year-Over-Year

NEW YORK--()--Executives from Corporate Resource Services (NASDAQ: CRRS) (the “Company” or, “CRS”), a diversified technology, staffing, recruiting, and consulting services firm, recently appeared with Hall of Fame quarterback Dan Marino on The James Altucher Show to discuss staffing trends and expectations for the 2014 holiday season.

The James Altucher Show is a podcast carried on and hosted by James Altucher, a successful entrepreneur, investor, CRS board member, and the writer of 11 books including the recent WSJ Bestseller, "Choose Yourself!" Appearing with Marino on the program were John Messina, CEO and Chairman of the Board and Michael Golde, Chief Financial Officer. Marino is a shareholder and a paid consultant for CRS, providing leadership counsel in addition to business development services.

Marino commented on his career following his playing days on the Miami Dolphins, and how his work with CRS supports his outlook on achieving success: “People have to realize what they have a passion for, what their talents are and what they do well on a daily basis. Employing people and making a difference in their lives is very satisfying – and that’s what the people at CRS are all about.”

“Corporate Resource Services writes more than 80,000 paychecks every month,” said Golde. “The number of people we employ has been steadily increasing on a month-to-month basis, particularly for the light industrial category that is so essential to the holiday shopping season. In fact, we are seeing growth of 20 percent year-to-year in workers we’re supplying to retail and logistics.”

“Working with Corporate Resource Services allows companies to concentrate on revenue-producing aspects of their business and not become inundated with managing a large workforce,” commented Messina. “We also allow companies to get the most productivity out of their employees. We help them manage their workforce to be the most efficient it can be. With nearly a $1 billion in revenue, Corporate Resource Services has become one of the largest companies that few people have heard of. We’re looking to achieve broader recognition and expand our services in the U.S. and abroad to be the recognized leader in staffing and technology.”

“For me, working with CRS is all about relationships,” added Marino. “We have a very solid team and we all believe in what we do. When you have found 100 jobs for people looking for employment it puts a smile on your face.”

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