GEICO offers tips to keep your classic car in top condition this winter

WASHINGTON--()--Cold weather is usually the cue for classic car owners to place their prized possessions in storage away from the elements. Even with your car tucked away until spring, experienced car enthusiast know that hitting the road will require some prep work during the winter. GEICO offers the following tips to help classic car owners protect and winterize their cars so spring road trips will be a breeze.


Drain the fuel tank – Old gasoline contains deposits that can clog your car's carburetor and cause your valves to work improperly. Drain and replace your car's fuel to prevent contaminated gas from entering the fuel system. Add a fuel stabilizer to keep the gas from breaking down.


Change the oil – Once you have your classic car parked for the winter, change the oil to prevent moisture from building up and condensing in a cold engine. The clean oil will also reduce the risk of harmful contaminants from damaging your engine during hibernation.


Bleed the brake system – Bleeding your car's old brake fluid is the best insurance against brake deterioration while your car is inactive. Remember to replace it with fresh brake fluid when you are ready to get back out on the road.


Inspect the hoses and belts – If you store your car for a long period of time, thoroughly examine the car's hoses, belts, tires and filters for wear and tear and dry rot.


Replace the coolant – During the winter, it is wise to drain and replace the coolant from your car's radiator completely. Disconnect the heater hoses and open the petcock with the radiator cap off so air can circulate freely throughout the system. Make sure to top off your car with fresh antifreeze.


Remove and store the battery – Months of inactivity will drain a car's battery. Disconnect the battery and wash it with a solution of water and baking soda. Top the battery off with distilled water and store it on a shelf in a dry place until you are ready to reconnect it. Using a battery tender will keep the battery fully charged during storage.


Give your car a good detailing – Before you put your ride away for the winter; detail your car with soap and water to wash away any residual road salt and grime. Salt can ruin a car's paint job if left over time. A thorough waxing and lubricating all rubber and leather interior surfaces will prevent rotting and cracking.


Cover up your ride – The right car cover goes a long way to protect your vehicle during the winter months. A cotton flannel car cover will allow air to circulate, keep out unwanted moisture and is also easy on the car's exterior paint.

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