Indianapolis Businesses Rally to Support $25,000 Design Makeover for Local Nonprofit Outside the Box

Design for a Difference Contest Sponsored Locally by Blakley’s Flooring

INDIANAPOLIS--()--Community spirit is alive and well in Indianapolis, as a range of local businesses join local sponsor Blakley’s Flooring in supporting this year’s Design for a Difference contest winner, Outside the Box, an organization that provides services to individuals with disabilities. The interior design contest, sponsored locally by Blakley’s Flooring and the International Design Guild (IDG), has awarded local designer, Barb Fleming, $25,000 in goods and services to makeover three group rooms along with two corridors at the facility. The makeover will begin on October 23 with a reveal date of November 12. National celebrity designer and spokesperson for Design for a Difference, Mark Brunetz, will be on hand for the reveal and available for an interview.

Fleming and associates will create a space that is fun yet functional and encourages learning and the development of social skills for individuals who attend the program.

Fleming comments on winning, “Outside the Box is a young organization that is getting by on its dedicated employees enthusiam to change lives. I am delighted to play a role in creating an environment that will enhance their work. My goal is to establish a standard for the rest of the facility to encourage additonal donations that will allow for further renovations.”

Outside the Box provides individuals with disabilities an energetic environment to socialize with peers, the opportunity to participate in activities such as art, gardening, and cooking as well as helping individuals identify vocations for employment. Selected from a number of entries, Fleming’s design was chosen for its design appeal and ability to have a powerful and positive impact on the winning charity.

"This is our second year participating in IDG’s Design for a Difference contest and we are beyond thrilled that we could partner with other businesses to provide the goods and services needed to improve the facility at Outside the Box,” said Allen Gindt. I’m so excited to work with two outstanding designers in our community, Barb Fleming and last year’s Design for a Difference winner Deanna Whetstone, who I know will create an amazing space for this important nonprofit.”

Gindt added, “I have been so impressed by the support we’ve received from other local businesses thus far, it has made me very proud to have brought this opportunity to Indianapolis.”

Stepping up to join Blakley’s Flooring in fulfilling the makeover are local businesses: Kentwood Office Furniture, YB Normal Custom Woodworking and Chisolm Lumber and Supply to name a few. A special thank you to Shaw Industries' Patcraft Carpet for their generous donation of flooring.

Design for a Difference celebrates the talents of designers while bringing awareness to the needs of local nonprofits. As contest spokesperson, Deanna Whetstone explains, “All too often charity spaces suffer from neglect because the majority of monies they raise are put towards providing services to their causes, leaving little for aesthetics that can have a powerful impact on the human spirit.”

Blakley’s Flooring is located at 8765 Hague Road in Indianapolis, call 317-576-8200.

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For International Design Guild
Michelle DeLuties, 617-429-0958

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For International Design Guild
Michelle DeLuties, 617-429-0958