UAE Ministry of Interior Enters Hall of Fame of the Global Palladium Group

First Regional and Arab Applicant of Balanced Scorecard

Saif bin Zayed Receives the Work Team and Encourages Them to Continue Pursuing Excellence

Saif bin Zayed welcomes the awarded president and work team (Photo: Business Wire)

ABU DHABI, United Arab Emirates--()--The United Arab Emirates Ministry of Interior (MoI) has succeeded in entering the Hall of Fame of the Palladium Group for its excellence in the competition of Balanced Scorecard (BSC) and Strategic Alignment applications. This achievement marks the MoI as the second ministry to enter the Hall of Fame internationally, only following the Ministry of Interior in South Korea. The MoI of the UAE is the first to receive such recognition in both Arab and regional levels.

On Sunday afternoon, Lt. General H.H Sheikh Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior received Major General Dr. Abdul Quddous Al Obaidly, Commander General Assistant for Quality and Excellence, the head of the work team and General Coordinator of the Sheikh Khalifa Government Excellence Awards Program at the MoI, along with his team. His Highness Sheikh Saif was briefed on the award and its importance, and congratulated the head of the work team and its members for the new international achievement. His Highness Sheikh Saif also encouraged the team to continue their pursuit of excellence and to maintain their previous achievements.

Major General Dr. Abdul Quddous Al Obaidly received the award during a ceremony held in Boston, MA in the USA to honor the successful institutions in applying the BSC.

In a statement made by the Palladium Group, the MoI of the UAE was congratulated for their successful entrance into the Hall of Fame. This year’s list included 14 leading entities representing 12 developed countries. The statement also praised the MoI’s efforts in applying the concepts of the BSC and Strategic Alignment in accordance with the highest levels of professionalism, and in fulfilling each requirement for entering the elite international Hall of Fame.

Since 2009, the MoI of the UAE has succeeded in realizing its performance indicators related to the reduction of traffic accident fatalities, crimes and delinquencies -such as illegal residency- and to successfully implementing e-transformation. Among other indicators, the MoI has also achieved the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

According to Major General Al Obaidly: “The BSC has helped the ministry to enable integrated and aligned work across all departments in addition to eliminating duplicitous approaches. It has served as an incentive for the employees who have been encouraged to exert more effort in implementing the strategy. This has resulted in improved communications among different departments within the ministry, as well as between the employees and their leaders. A series of meetings to develop and review strategy has additionally helped to empower all communications. The BSC also increased the engagement of the leaders in the strategy’s execution process, and has encouraged other employees from all ranks to become more involved in order to achieve the desired objectives.

Furthermore, the BSC improved institutional (organizational) alignment, thus allowing different departments to work together towards the ministry’s strategic goals. It also has also supported the engagement of all partners and stakeholders to participate towards our strategic objectives.”

About Balanced Scorecard (BSC):

The Hall of Fame at the Palladium Group honors the organizations that have achieved business excellence by using the Balanced Scorecard (BSC), strategic management, and performance management in a prominent and distinguished way. The BSC follows a very simple concept “what is measured, is what was achieved and what has succeeded”. This theory was set by the founders of the Palladium Group, Dr. Robert Kaplan and Dr. David Norton, where the link between the card and its strategic operations reaches desired corporate goals.

The BSC is a highly effective mechanism and is effective in achieving results for both non-profit governmental organizations and profitable NGOs due to the focus on an organization’s critical performance- most notably in hard economic conditions.

About Palladium:

Palladium Group Inc. was founded in 2000. Today, its Hall of Fame includes 158 honored personalities of both public and private sectors, from more than 20 countries. The winners are chosen based on the approach and the method in implementing the BSC and according to the results achieved over at least a two-year period.

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UAE Ministry of Interior Enters Hall of Fame of the Global Palladium Group. First Regional and Arab Applicant of Balanced Scorecard.


The UAE Minister of Interior's General Secretariat, Tactical Affairs and Security Media Department
Abu Dhabi Police GHQ - Security Media
Chris Cron +971-(0)-50-987-1317