Workforce Management Scores Big with Gamification as Kronos Releases Leaderboards

Kronos leaderboards allow organizations to reward and recognize employees, managers, and teams for positive job performance and adhering to time and attendance policies and procedures. (Photo: Business Wire)

LAS VEGAS--()--By introducing concepts of game design and game thinking into the world of workforce management, Kronos Incorporated today announced an innovative new leaderboard feature within its Workforce Central suite designed to reward and recognize employees, managers, and teams for positive job performance and adhering to an organization’s time and attendance policies and procedures.

News Facts

  • Kronos leaderboards can be enabled in the Workforce Central suite so organizations can reward employees, managers, and teams for following proper time and attendance policies and procedures with features including:
    • Recommended time and attendance challenges that award points for a perfect timecard, approval of timecards, perfect attendance, no missed punches, overtime-related bonuses, and pre-defined exceptions – such as punching in on time. Different point values and multipliers can be assigned for each action;
    • Capability to build additional challenges based on specified workforce management attributes, workflow notifications, and exceptions created by the organization, as well as the ability to alter text and change the names of specific leaderboards and challenges;
    • Automatic near-time leaderboard updates tied to specific employees and/or teams based on time and attendance gamification rules, game time frame (e.g. pay period), and employee eligibility as determined by the organization; and
    • Simple toggle function between peer-to-peer and team-to-team leaderboards and challenges based on organizational charts and reporting structure.
  • Configuring specific workflow notifications in Kronos leaderboards allows organizations to build unique challenges that award points to employees when a manager inserts comments about exceptional performance. This feature can be useful across various industry segments to reward employees for a job well done, such as:
    • Healthcare – care providers who are recognized by patients for delivering exceptional care;
    • Manufacturing – employees who have zero accidents in a pay period; and
    • Retail – employees and managers for shifts that meet or exceed sales expectations, conversion rates, and having a properly balanced register at the end of a shift.
  • Recent Gallup research indicates that 63 percent of full-time global workers are not engaged at their jobs, and nearly a quarter are actively disengaged. By enabling the leaderboards feature in Workforce Central, organizations may customize games and reward programs to:
    • Engage and motivate employees and teams through positive reinforcement of policies and procedures to foster a sense of structure, success, and accomplishment;
  • Empower employees to participate in company-wide competitions and provide organizational feedback to create more productive and effective workforce management practices;
    • Use positive reinforcement to replicate best practices to improve time and attendance procedures and help minimize compliance risk;
    • Achieve better attendance and on-time performance that, in turn, allows organizations to better control coverage issues, labor budget costs, and drive more efficient closing of pay period cycles for improved business results; and
  • Build a culture of collaboration through team competition that involves employees on an individual level and provokes a feeling of being socially valued by colleagues, their team, and the organization, especially if they are also using the social collaboration product in Workforce Central.
  • Kronos leaderboards will be available in December as a complimentary feature that can be activated in the Workforce Central 7 platform with no additional licensing fee.

Supporting Quotes

  • Jason Fenske, systems administrator, Forest City Enterprises
    “Employee engagement is engrained in our company culture. With the addition of leaderboards in the Kronos Workforce Central suite, our employees can be rewarded for following company procedures and will see how they stack up across the organization. There is also a coaching element gained from gamification that can help managers improve employee performance, attendance, and on-time record in a positive way. A clean timecard challenge that improves scores by just 30 percent of the employee base, for instance, could have significant impact to the business.”
  • Christa Degnan Manning, senior vice president, global workforce and talent practice, HfS Research
    “HfS Research conducted a survey of nearly 5,000 workers worldwide and only 1 in 4 workers report they are engaged all the time when on the job. Forty percent of employees who say they are never engaged think their time and attendance solution is mediocre or very poor. Anything and everything organizations can do with their workforce management partners to make using the systems more compelling and meaningful to the worker and the business is key to drive employee engagement and compliance. The launch of individual- and team-based leaderboards in Workforce Central addresses these needs and potentially can improve policy adherence and team performance.”
  • Bill Bartow, vice president, global product management, Kronos
    “Gamification has been a driving force in consumer applications over the past several years, while workplace challenges such as sales contests, employee-of-the-month awards, and tracking days without an accident have proven for ages to be a positive way to motivate employees. We’ve combined these two concepts by bringing the same gamification technology that excites consumers to earn points and rewards into the world of workforce management to award and help engage employees. Gamification combines structure and guidance with fun workplace competition to produce measurable results using a carrot, not a stick – all while helping organizations better manage their workforces.”

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Release Summary

Kronos introduces gamification into workforce management, allowing organizations to reward employees for positive job performance and adhering to time and attendance policies and procedures.


Kronos Incorporated
Domenic Locapo, +1-978-947-4777