Revealed: TeenBusiness Top Twenty 2014

WEST ORANGE, N.J.--() announces the TeenBusiness Top Twenty 2014 to commemorate Teen Business Month. Each year in November, Teen Business Month is a celebration of teens that are running their own businesses, developing their inventions or engaging in other innovative activities.

“The days of running lemonade stands are over because many of today’s teens are profiting from diverse talents and interests. Some are especially focused on solving social problems,” says Emmanuel Modu, co-author of TeenVestor and Mad Cash (both published by Perigee Books).

TeenBusiness Top Twenty 2014 includes the following entrepreneurs and innovators:

  • Kenneth Shinozuka, 15, from Irvine, California, US – invented and patented a device implanted in socks that can alert caregivers when Alzheimer’s patients wander off unaccompanied
  • Winnifred Shelby, 19, from Ghana – co-founded a company that makes bamboo bikes, garnering the attention of United Nations Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon
  • Kai Kloepfer, 17, from Boulder, Colorado, US – concerned about mass gun violence, invented a smart gun that only unlocks with a fingerprint
  • Katelyn Lohr, 13, from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada – founded Freetoes Brand, Inc. which sells toeless socks through retailers such as Toys “R” Us
  • Megan Grassell, 19, from Jackson Hole, Wyoming, US – concerned about the over-sexualized undergarments for young girls, founded Yellowberry, which makes wholesome and age-appropriate bras for girls ages 11-15
  • Moziah Bridges, 12, from Memphis, Tennessee, US – owner of Mo’s Bows, a bow tie company with 6-figure total sales and has appeared on Shark Tank, in Vogue and GQ Magazines

The teens featured in TeenBusiness Top Twenty 2014 have one thing in common: a personal story that has motivated them to implement their ideas. Kenneth Shinozuka, for example, was inspired to invent the device to detect wandering Alzheimer’s patients because his grandfather has the disease.

In addition, many of the featured teens are engaged in endeavors that are not necessarily those you would associate with teenagers. As stated by gerontologist, Jacqueline Dupont in an NBC News interview when discussing Kenneth Shinozuka’s invention “I just couldn’t believe that anyone so young could achieve so much.”

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Nkem Modu, 201-563-5591
Twitter: @TeenMogul