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There is a slogan that goes: "The future is bright, the future is orange."

But what if you don't have orange tendencies? What if, like Heston Blumenthal, James Dyson and Andy Murray, your inclinations are blue: self-sufficient, success-driven, cool under pressure?

Until recently, showing your true colours was merely an expression. Now there is an app - C-meTM - that does exactly that.

Developed by the Bath-based specialist training and consultancy firm Wilsher Group, C-me is an accurate and meaningful measurement of individuals' behavioural preferences and resulting traits.

The app enables the user to take a streamlined behavioural test that focuses on their preferred ways of doing things in a business, personal and group setting. From the test, C-me analyses the person's behavioural traits delivering the results in colour combinations that give strong clues as to their aptitudes and attitudes. These allow the individual to concentrate not only on areas of strength, but also to improving areas of weakness.

Whilst personality assessment tests are plentiful and have advanced considerably since Hippocrates observed four distinct types of people around 2500 BC, C-me is very different.

"Our experience has led us to believe that focusing on typical 'behaviours' - the way individuals behave in response to challenges and their relationships with others - is significantly more meaningful than just profiling personality," says Simon Wilsher, head of the Wilsher Group.

For career development and advancement, C-me provides the knowledge that will enable people to highlight their CVs or LinkedIn profiles with the characteristics that portray a more rounded view of who they are.

"These are the key aspects that recruiters look for," claimed Wilsher. "They may accept that the job seeker has the skills necessary for the position on offer but they need to be certain that the individual's mindset and thought processes will allow them to succeed."

Quite apart from the natural curiosity of finding out what character traits represent us, there is a fascination in finding out how we can improve our interactions with others on a personal and professional level.

The C-me app can be downloaded from

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Release Summary

C-me is a new behaviour app developed by Cool Clues and The Wilsher Group. The result of 30 years’ experience with thousands of people, it uses colour combinations to demonstrate behavioural traits.


Wilsher Group
Lloyd Mullenger, +44 (0)20 3195 6727