Dell Simplifies the Cloud Experience

  • Dell launches Dell Cloud Marketplace public beta, giving developers and IT managers the ability to compare, purchase, use and manage the most popular public clouds, all from a single, unified console on
  • New Dell alliances with Delphix, Docker and Pertino help solve customers’ cloud concerns over data portability, accelerated application development and secure connectivity
  • Dell gives developers on-demand tools to improve cloud-based application performance with Foglight APM SaaS Edition
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AUSTIN, Texas--()--Cloud adoption across midsize organizations is at an all-time high. In fact, the Dell Global Technology Adoption Index found that 97 percent of respondents are currently using or plan to use cloud computing. However, what developers want from their cloud experience varies from what IT managers want. Developers require instant access to cloud services and true self-service capabilities, while IT managers wish for greater governance, visibility and integration across the whole cloud spectrum (data center, private, public and hybrid). Dell is empowering both developers and IT managers by launching the Dell Cloud Marketplace public beta program and forging key industry alliances with Delphix, Docker and Pertino. Dell is also helping developers improve application performance by offering Foglight application performance monitoring as software-as-a-service (SaaS).

Dell Bridges Developer-IT Divide with Dell Cloud Marketplace

Dell Cloud Marketplace public beta program, launched today in the U.S., gives developers and IT managers the ability to compare, purchase, use and manage public cloud services from Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform and Joyent via a single, unified console on As part of Dell’s long history of providing customers with choice and flexibility, Dell Cloud Marketplace is a vendor-agnostic, self-service portal providing developers the agility and functionality they expect from the cloud, while allowing IT managers comprehensive security, visibility and control of the cloud services consumed by the IT organization.

For customers not sure which cloud services are best for their needs, Dell Cloud Marketplace gives users the tools necessary to select the best cloud services and solutions to meet their unique requirements. With management, governance and security built in, Dell Cloud Marketplace streamlines the consumption and deployment of cloud services, allowing customers to deploy and provision single, multiple and hybrid cloud environments across several users and various accounts. Additionally, Dell Cloud Marketplace makes it easy for businesses to:

  • Reduce complexity via one-stop shopping and single billing for all the cloud services consumed through the Dell Cloud Marketplace.
  • Migrate and deploy cloud services confidently with trusted support and service delivered by Dell.

Dell Breaks Down Barriers to Cloud with Industry Alliances

Dell recognizes that, while overall cloud adoption rates are high, there are still many hurdles to leveraging multiple cloud services effectively. When building, testing and running applications, developers often struggle to use resources from multiple clouds, since data, distributed application deployments and networks do not easily integrate across different cloud platforms and providers. Today, Dell unveiled alliances with Delphix, Docker and Pertino that will enable developers to realize the full potential of the public cloud ecosystem. Dell plans to offer Delphix, Docker and Pertino solutions via the Dell Cloud Marketplace next year, allowing users to subscribe to these solutions along with the public cloud infrastructure resources of their choice. As with any offering in the Dell Cloud Marketplace, customers will have clear visibility into and holistic management of their cloud services and infrastructure resources, making it a convenient and powerful one-stop solution for customers’ cloud needs.

  • Together with Delphix, Dell will simplify data migration, deployment and recovery, enabling seamless data management across both public and hybrid cloud environments. Delphix delivers the necessary and critical operational features to development and test teams, providing self-service data refresh, recovery and integration, while minimizing duplicated data and deployment times. Using Delphix with the Dell Cloud Marketplace, IT and development teams will be able to more efficiently manage disaster recovery, staging and development environments across multiple public and hybrid cloud infrastructures, while increasing performance and reducing data management complexity.
  • The Dell-Docker alliance will accelerate distributed application development and deployments by helping developers spend more time creating applications and waste less time creating and maintaining infrastructure. Docker containers abstract “Dockerized” applications from infrastructure dependencies allowing developers and IT administrators to build, ship, run and orchestrate complex distributed applications. This results in consistent deployments and configurations across multiple server and cloud instances. Through the integration of the Docker open platform for distributed applications – which includes Docker Hub and Docker Engine – in the Dell Cloud Marketplace, developers and system administrators will have instant access to dozens of Dell-curated, one-click application installs, along with more than 45,000 Docker container-based applications currently available in Docker Hub.
  • By teaming with Pertino, Dell will eliminate the complexity of securely connecting multiple and hybrid clouds, enabling dynamic, secure, private networks across any cloud, anytime, anywhere. Using Pertino Cloud Network Engine in the Dell Cloud Marketplace, customers will be able to instantly create Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) networks that securely connect multiple cloud resources and end-users automatically and on-demand, ensuring network integrity, security and consistency in rapidly changing cloud environments. With Pertino, no networking or security expertise is required, allowing customers to add and move instances and containers across cloud resources immediately, without creating and troubleshooting complex VPN configurations.

Dell Helps Developers Improve Cloud-Based Applications with Foglight APM SaaS Edition

When the application is the business, nothing is more important than monitoring its performance to find and fix problems before they negatively impact the business. To help customers do just that, Dell today announced the general availability of Foglight APM SaaS Edition, a tailor-made product for modern web and mobile application teams, from the developer to the administrator to the engineer. Foglight APM SaaS brings fast time-to-value by offering simplicity, depth and smarts to the web and mobile applications community. With the new SaaS Edition, it only takes a few minutes and zero configuration effort for users to get real-time monitoring and detailed insight into their applications, making it ideally suited for applications deployed in the cloud or other dynamic environments. It captures details about dozens of performance factors of every transaction to make it easy to identify the real root cause of slow performance – whether it is a specific browser, web page, network provider or request type. These differential analysis techniques mean that application developers, architects, managers and DevOps teams get eye-opening visibility into the slowest performing factors that are buried inside otherwise good performing transactions and identify areas of improvement and optimization.

Supporting Quotes

“The Dell Cloud Marketplace epitomizes the Dell Cloud strategy of offering customers choice and flexibility while simplifying the cloud experience. Developers benefit from the ease of multi-cloud purchases and the immediate use of cloud services. IT managers benefit from the governance, secure management and single billing of multiple cloud services. By combining those benefits with the strengths of Delphix, Docker and Pertino, together we will knock down the hurdles to using multiple cloud services effectively so customers can unlock the full potential of the public cloud ecosystem.” – Nnamdi Orakwue, Vice President, Software Strategy, Operations and Cloud, Dell

“Data is essential to any business operation and is certainly an enabler to broad business innovation. Our collaboration with Dell and intent to offer Delphix solutions via the Dell Cloud Marketplace will empower customers to use the right mix of cloud services for their needs, knowing their data can be accessed, integrated and managed across multiple public and hybrid cloud infrastructures.” – Dan Graves, Vice President, Product Management, Delphix

“Docker is accelerating the application development lifecycle for developers around the world, while driving new levels of innovation for distributed applications opening up dynamic opportunities for businesses. Docker and Dell plan to do just that by allowing developers to utilize Docker through the Dell Cloud Marketplace in combination with a variety of public cloud platforms with frictionless application portability.” – Roger Egan, SVP Sales and Channels, Docker

“To do business in today’s mobile and cloud environments, developers and organizations need to seamlessly and securely connect multiple clouds anytime, anywhere. By aligning with Dell to offer Pertino solutions in the Dell Cloud Marketplace next year, we’re enabling a new level of IT development, business performance and innovation with Virtual Private Cloud networks across dynamic cloud environments.” – Craig Elliott, Co-Founder and CEO, Pertino


  • Dell Cloud Marketplace public beta is now open in the U.S. Individuals interested in participating can enroll at Beta participants can currently take advantage of AWS, Google Cloud Platform and Joyent public cloud infrastructure services. Offerings from Delphix, Docker and Pertino will be available in the Dell Cloud Marketplace next year.
  • Additionally, Dell PartnerDirect Platinum partners have a significant opportunity as Systems Integrators to help customers integrate and maintain services from Dell Cloud Marketplace into their current data center environment to achieve a true hybrid cloud environment.
  • Dell Foglight APM SaaS Edition is currently available globally in English language only. Dell is also offering the product and its full feature set for free for a limited time through the end of December 2014.

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