ServiceRocket Strengthens TrainingRocket Service Offering

Enables Software Training Programs to Keep Pace with Today’s Software, Creating Happy Customers That Come Back For More

PALO ALTO, Calif.--()--ServiceRocket, a provider of training, utilization and support technology and services to maximize Customer Success, today unveiled TrainingRocket 4. Used by fast growing software companies and enterprise organizations alike, TrainingRocket is a highly effective, on-demand learning platform powering the online universities at many of today’s fast growing software companies, including Cloudera, NGINX, Mulesoft and Pentaho. The company’s innovative customer training platform is a comprehensive, enterprise-ready Learning Management System (LMS) consolidating disparate functions within a friendly and easy-to-use user interface. The solution was designed by a training company for training departments to grow and service their customers by enabling end-users to get up and running on software applications quickly, and start using them proficiently.

“SaaS and agile development have ushered in a new era of software, but most training platforms are stuck in the dark ages and don’t come close to meeting the needs of today’s software enterprises or their customers,” said Rob Castaneda, Founder and CEO of ServiceRocket. “To truly support a new way of learning, you need a brand new platform. Our approach ensures customers are successful by delivering an effective training program that paves the way for continual, and increasing, value from a software application. When customers are using their software to its fullest, they will love it, and will want to continue using it. Training is the bridge to increased adoption, engagement and success with your customers and employees.”

Software Has Changed; Has Training?

Today, the SaaS world means software updates happen continually, and legacy training platforms are not equipped to handle updates on the fly. Additionally, cloud computing, subscription services, free open source software and ‘freemium’ business models make it easy for customers to switch to something new. Yet in order to survive and thrive, software companies must find a way to ensure customers are successful in order to create loyal and long-term partnerships.

A full LMS, TrainingRocket makes the marketing, creation and deployment of training programs easy by seamlessly delivering a positive customer experience. With TrainingRocket, departments responsible for customer success and continued sales are establishing training as revenue-generating pillars of the business.

TrainingRocket user Cloudera delivers training to more than 15,000 customers at 50 Fortune 100 companies.

“We want our customers happy, trained, successful, and loving our software, and we get that with TrainingRocket,” said Sarah Sproehnle, Vice President, Educational Services for Cloudera. “TrainingRocket provides the worldwide capabilities we need to support multiple currencies, languages, and hundreds of classes per year for thousands of students. Our program is growing quickly and ServiceRocket delivers the solutions we need. In ServiceRocket we have a vendor with us for the long run – they are a true partner to Cloudera.”

Market Hungry for Training

According to Gainsight's Five Organizational Models of Customer Success, training is a critical function for enterprise software companies selling a product with a medium level of complexity. Historically, effective usage rates of enterprise software have dropped, with some productivity losses estimated at 17 percent, as users struggle to absorb and fully utilize IT investments.

The companies that have deployed TrainingRocket enhanced employees’ and customers’ experience, increased sales, achieved better resource planning and gained valuable insights from improved analytics. Additionally, smaller software companies are learning that proper levels of training, offered at the right time, drive the adoption and renewals they depend upon.

TrainingRocket establishes training as a business pillar and revenue generator, either through adoption by a large software enterprise’s training function, or seamlessly delivered by ServiceRocket to up-and-coming software providers. According to a recent report by Bersin, the learning management system market grew 21 percent in 2014, compared to 13 percent the prior year, with the overall market estimated at well over $2.5 billion today.

“ServiceRocket, and specifically its TrainingRocket platform, is one of the first companies to deliver a comprehensive solution in training, utilization and support,” said David Coleman, Senior Analyst, Gigaom Research. "Software organizations are moving away from a hierarchical approach, and more towards ‘a network of networks’ where each node of the network represents a specific area of expertise. ServiceRocket offers not only lyrics expertise but P&L responsibility to be a true and seamless training partner to its customers.”

Newest TrainingRocket Platform Supports Variety of Business Models

TrainingRocket is designed from the ground up for the web, including responsive design, tablet-friendly administration and search engine-friendly URLs augmenting an organization’s SEO strategy. A company’s training data can be connected to enterprise systems such as Salesforce, Marketo and Stripe for a complete picture of customer profiles.

TrainingRocket 4 supports a variety of business models, including payments via credit card, purchase order, subscription or training credits – an innovative currency used to redeem purchases and close sales. Its architecture allows flexibility in design templates, user experience and cart checkout flow handling all forms of training from self-paced eLearning to instructor led events. TrainingRocket has robust API and integration connectors for popular platforms inside of software companies including a mature eCommerce engine with different payment gateways and international taxation compatibility.

Price and Availability

TrainingRocket is available as a subscription service with four different plans to fit the training stage customers are in. To see a demo of TrainingRocket and learn more go to:

About ServiceRocket

ServiceRocket is a unique Customer Success company focused on ensuring enterprises and users successfully incorporate software into their businesses and lives – so they use it, love it and buy more. Through training, support and utilization, ServiceRocket creates long-lasting, loyal relationships between software companies, enterprises and their software by delivering these elements to enable customer success. Based in Palo Alto, California, ServiceRocket has global teams in Australia, Chile, Malaysia, the United Kingdom and the United States. Visit for more information.


Press Contacts:
Tanis Communications
Nicole Conley, 408-295-4309 x104


Press Contacts:
Tanis Communications
Nicole Conley, 408-295-4309 x104