Akanda Launches with Production-Ready Open Source Network Virtualization Platform for Cloud Services Providers

Founding team behind DreamHost and Inktank/Ceph to deliver an open source alternative in the Software Defined Networking (SDN) market

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PARIS--()--Akanda, Inc. today came out of stealth to deliver a production-ready open source network virtualization platform for cloud service providers. The Akanda project has been developed and incubated by DreamHost, where the platform is used to deliver virtualized Layer 3+ networking for the OpenStack-powered DreamCompute cloud platform.

The co-founding investors and team includes key former stakeholders in Inktank (now part of Red Hat), the company that transformed the future of storage with Ceph open source distributed storage system.

DreamHost’s parent company New Dream Network, LLC (co-founded by Michael Rodriguez, Dallas Kashuba and Sage Weil) has agreed to initially fund the new venture with seed capital. There will be opportunity for additional investors to get involved to support the rapid development of the Akanda platform.

Henrik Rosendahl, a virtualization industry veteran, will lead Akanda as CEO. Simon Anderson, DreamHost’s CEO, will be chairman of the Akanda Board, and Jonathan LaCour, VP of Cloud at DreamHost, will serve as a director and technical advisor.

“Open Source is again proving to be the best way to tackle large, integrated software projects,” said Henrik Rosendahl, CEO of Akanda, Inc. “There is huge demand for open solutions up and down the networking software stack, and Akanda is well placed to garner new contributors and wider adoption given its roots as a core production-grade network virtualization platform at DreamHost.”

Open Source Network Virtualization is the Future

Akanda’s production-ready open source network virtualization platform is initially well suited for cloud service providers and enterprise private clouds looking to implement virtualized networking in their OpenStack cloud, in order to reduce operating expense, increase integration flexibility, and avoid proprietary system lock-in.

Akanda intends to work collaboratively with all emerging open source network virtualization communities and projects including OpenStack Neutron, OPNFV and OpenDaylight, with the overarching mission to rapidly broaden the open source options available to service providers and enterprise.

"OpenDaylight was created because we believe that SDN and NFV have the potential to completely change the architecture of networks. We believe that open source foundations provide the best platform for innovation, and we're excited to see Akanda join the Open Networking community," said Neela Jacques, executive director of OpenDaylight. "This is especially exciting given that Akanda technology is already deployed in production in DreamHost's OpenStack-based DreamCompute offering."

"Network virtualization in many forms is driving network investment and innovation broadly today. Akanda’s open source-based offering enables cloud service providers to leverage proven software developed by DreamHost to provide L3+ virtualized network routing and services in an efficient and flexible manner," said Peter Christy, networking research director at 451 Research. "With OpenStack integration and plans to support additional virtual networking overlays, Akanda brings valuable new capabilities into the SDN and NFV ecosystem."

About the Akanda Project

Currently, Akanda provides OpenStack integrated L3 network virtualization on a VMware NSX L2 overlay. DreamHost’s OpenStack deployment, DreamCompute, currently powers thousands of virtual machines every day, and has been leveraging Akanda for L3+ network virtualization for nearly two years. Akanda interfaces with the OpenStack Neutron REST APIs and includes a sophisticated management and orchestration platform to monitor, configure, and manage virtualized routers. In the future, Akanda will be extended to virtualize additional network functions, including load balancing and firewalls, and will feature pluggable backends to alternative L2 overlays.

“DreamHost is excited to be co-founding and backing a new open source platform infrastructure venture in Akanda,” said Simon Anderson, CEO of DreamHost. “We’ve been running Akanda in production with thousands of DreamCompute instances for over a year, and we’re confident the platform will be incredibly flexible and useful to cloud service providers worldwide as it develops and matures.”

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About Akanda

Akanda, Inc. is the company behind the Akanda open source network virtualization platform for cloud service providers and enterprise private clouds. The Akanda platform delivers reliable and performant Layer 3+ network virtualization without proprietary lock-in. To learn more or get involved in the Akanda project, visit www.akanda.io


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