SiriusDecisions EMEA B-to-B Confidence Index Reveals Optimism Regarding Revenue Growth but Differing Views on How to Reach Goals

New Results Unveiled at SiriusDecisions’ Summit Europe 2014 Show a Positive Outlook for Growth among EMEA Functional Business Leaders but Differing Opinions on the Best Strategy for Attaining Revenue Objectives.

SiriusDecisions Summit Europe 2014

WILTON, Conn.--()--SiriusDecisions, the leading global business-to-business (b-to-b) research and advisory firm, today unveiled new results for its B-to-B Confidence Index study that detail how companies in the EMEA region are aligning key functions for strategic growth. The industry-first study, revealed at SiriusDecisions’ fifth annual SiriusDecisions Summit Europe, October 21-22, in London, examines the growth strategies of 200 EMEA-based b-to-b organizations across 20 different industries, and their confidence in achieving growth objectives through the five pillars of SiriusDecisions’ Intelligent Growth Model™:

1. Markets: entrance into – or expansion of – vertical, horizontal and/or geographic segments using existing/new offerings

2. Buyers: formal targeting of new buying centers and personas

3. Offerings: launch of new products/services, or enhancement of the current portfolio

4. Acquisition: purchase of other companies, or the incubation of new business units

5. Productivity: maximizing efficiency, effectiveness and engagement

SiriusDecisions’ research indicated that a vast majority of b-to-b organizations are confident in their growth. Over 85 percent of b-to-b organizations in EMEA are expecting to grow this year and 77 percent expressed optimism with the economic forecast. More so, over 54 percent of EMEA organizations forecast growth of 11 percent or more.

Despite this, the study reveals that those b-to-b organizations aren’t necessarily aligned to drive that growth forward. EMEA-based organizations are less aligned across marketing, sales and product divisions than their North American peers: sales and product divisions in both regions agree that launching new products or services (Offerings) are the primary growth driver, but marketing organizations believe the most promising area for growth is finding new Buyers for existing products and services, ranking Offerings among the lowest drivers of growth. Additional key findings included:

  • Offerings and Markets lead the way as primary growth pillars in 2014 and beyond, for both large and small companies.
  • Most organizations with a Productivity growth strategy mistakenly seek new skills or technology before tackling alignment and change management.
  • For EMEA, the Netherlands, Technology and Life Sciences are the three core drivers and opportunities for growth, while North American respondents cited China, Technology and Energy.

SiriusDecisions’ EMEA research also indicated what b-to-b companies believe to be the key success factors for achieving growth within each of the five key growth pillars of SiriusDecisions’ Intelligent Growth Model™, and where they believe the greatest growth opportunities lie in 2014.

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Supporting Quote
“Businesses in EMEA, while they are positive about growth, are much less aligned about what the best area for growth is across their key functional teams,” said John Neeson, Managing Director of SiriusDecisions. “As all of our research has shown, the companies that have anticipated and prepared for growth by aligning revenue-generating functions will take an early lead, and others will need to transform quickly to catch up.”


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Release Summary

New results unveiled at SiriusDecisions’ Summit Europe 2014 show a positive outlook for growth among EMEA functional business leaders but differing opinions on the best strategy for attaining revenue.


March Communications
James Gerber/Caroline Legg, +1 617-960-9875