cafe moba for Now Available in the Chrome Web Store

cafe moba extends its family of offerings by releasing a free HTML5 version that allows users of to instantly analyze and visualize their CRM data.

TORONTO--()--Available today in the Chrome Web Store, cafe moba for is a unification platform that connects, analyzes, and visualizes opportunity data, accounts, contact details, and activities. Available as a free app for standard CRM data, cafe moba for can also be configured to connect to additional data sources, including ERP, other on-premise or cloud-based apps, and social feeds, to create a broader Business Intelligence (BI) experience.

Here’s a sample of what cafe moba for can do:

  • Group opportunities in an interactive 3D funnel visualization
  • Connect contacts instantly with their LinkedIn profiles, eliminating the need to cut and paste information into a separate app
  • List contacts associated with the account that allow users to e-mail and map the contact at the touch of a button
  • Drill into your funnel, opportunities, accounts, contacts, activities etc. from a single dashboard
  • Update fields related to opportunities and activities


“Our goal is to provide workflows that makes sense for users. By using a few predefined dashboards that meet the majority of use cases, salespeople in the field or management will gain access to their own data by using their existing credentials,” says Dale deFreitas, CEO of cafe moba. “Connecting existing contact information to public LinkedIn profiles brings an added level of intelligence sales users can leverage in their daily activities.”

“It was important for us to deliver a consistent user experience, so whether it be through a desktop, or tablet, the user interface is exactly the same,” says Kang Lu, Chief Technology Officer. “It’s not about re-creating the Salesforce CRM environment - it’s about creating a more accessible and user friendly way of interacting with your data.”

More about cafe moba:
cafe moba is a team of software developers, data modeling experts, and business intelligence specialists located in Toronto, Canada.

CRM, Salesforce, Business Intelligence, Mobile BI, Analytics, Dashboards, Visualizations.

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Dale De Freitas, 416-493-8000


Dale De Freitas, 416-493-8000