Huck LLC, Industry Leader, Teaches Advanced Strategies to Win the Persuasion Battle

“The book lays out a proven formula that has secured billions of dollars in decisions.” – Juliet Huck

LOS ANGELES--()--In a world of short attention spans and demand for information at a rapid pace, Juliet Huck has been in the forefront of defining the persuasive communications industry for over 20 years. As the founder and CEO of her firm Huck LLC, she has released a new book titled THE EQUATION OF PERSUASION: How to Secure Decisions in Your Favor. Written for those tasked with persuading audiences that may include boards of directors, high-dollar buyers and donors or other critical decision makers, the book serves as a reference guide to educate professionals how to connect with audiences, increase retention levels and build trust so as to obtain a favorable result.

The book also illustrates how four key elements must work in balance, not just to inform, but also persuade another party. “I have seen the extraordinary results this formula consistently yields,” says Ms. Huck.

She also states, “The elements of persuasion need to be developed concurrently. If one of these elements is off or missing, it creates an imbalance causing one area to dominate, which can lead your quest down the wrong path.” THE EQUATION OF PERSUASION guides readers through the steps and strategies needed to develop a story, themes and visual concepts targeted directly to the decision makers. It also provides an introduction to basic design theories and elements, such as color as a persuasive tool.

About the Author

With more than 20 years’ experience, Ms. Huck has been retained by some of the nation’s most prestigious corporations and law firms to secure billions of dollars in decisions and move projects forward. Her firm, Huck LLC, teaches successful executives and professionals how to master the art of Visually Persuasive Storytelling™, enhancing their ability to persuade audiences, including boards of directors, high-dollar buyers and donors, jurors, the medical community and high-stakes decision makers.

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Title: THE EQUATION OF PERSUASION: How to Secure Decisions in Your Favor
Author: Juliet Huck
Publication date: October 7, 2014
Format: Hardcover 9”x12” 230 pages, 4 color, landscape
Price: $45.00
Purchase: 323-477-4600


Huck LLC
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Release Summary

Defining the persuasive communications industry, Juliet Huck is in a league of her own persuading audiences, critical decision makers, professionals, investors, buyers, and boards of directors.


Huck LLC
Tina Brown, 323-477-4600